Hotwiring Car with Screwdriver

Recently, keyless start has become a popular choice in many new cars. Why should you be denied the sublime joy of starting a car without a key just because you happen to drive a part of two decades-old garbage? You must not, why. So I’m here to help, as long as you’re willing to accept that the keyless start is just a version of candy-ass hotwiring.

Know how to hotwire a car is just one of those things everyone even remotely interested in cars should be; So you can not go out and steal cars (what you read here will probably not really help with that), but so you can get a better idea of your car as a wonderful machine understandable. For many readers, I suspect this is at best a review, but for those who are not familiar with some of the basic principles of how cars work, relax, this is easier than you think.
Choose your victim

Ok, so we’ll see what we need here. First, a car, otherwise it will quickly dull. Ideally, your car, or a car that no one will panic when you put in touch without gearboxes. In addition, the car is more likely to have to be from the mid-90s or older. By the 90s and even later, virtually every car comes with a type of immobilizer and alarm system, and work around something like that is a much more complicated process. The last car I have actually been done among the 90 cars of the time, so that call up our limit.

You’ll also need at least three points of the clip (you can get at Radio Shack or elsewhere), some electrical tape (me right out of the drawer of his uncle), a small knife of some sort (X- acto knife pocket, etc.) and optionally a screwdriver.

Oh, and probably it should just make it absolutely clear that this is not a comprehensive guide on how to steal a car. We have video games for it. This is a simple way to start a car without the key, and it really is the best of a tour party or a learning experience, because almost everything after 1969 has a steering wheel lock, and I’m not even not covering how to get beyond. While everyone can relax. I did that with young children in two major cities, and everyone had a blast and so far there has been crime waves in the style of Oliver Twist.
The big idea

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Basically hotwiring a car is about to carefully evaluate the engineering of the ignition of a car, be impressed by it and avoid it completely. Ignition locks of cars doing their job very well, and there is no point to fight with her. Think Indiana Jones and the fancy sword. The blockade is like fighting against a man with a sword, the weapon is like going around the lock. We use the gun.

The trick here is to realize what happens when you turn the key in the ignition switches are closed. That’s all, really. When the ignition key is basically just connects three things together: the battery with a delightful 12-volt electricity cream, the ignition system / and electric starter. We’re just going to connect these three components without having to go through the lock.
Time learning book

So how can we know how to connect these components? Well, the general answer is by all integrated as part of its board, behind the steering cables and channel under the squirrel was stuck there for years. The most concrete answer is that we need to do a little research to find out which cables you want to use.

You can use a voltmeter to know what is this thread laboriously, but I will assume that we know what the car that we do, and less time spent twisted back under the dashboard, the better. I suggest looking into Google to see wiring diagrams for your particular car (for example, if you are looking for an early Ford Bronco), or go to an auto parts store and looking at the a service manual until the clerk tells you this is not ‘t a library, or seek advice from the secretary and go to a library.

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For most cars, you should be able to get this information quite easily. What you want to know is the color of individual cables for 12V battery (usually red), / electric ignition systems car (color varies greatly), and the cable for the starter (often yellow, but can vary ). Once you have that Intel, we can begin.

Well, go to it. Get in the car, and put on the board, just below the steering column. You will probably need to blow or unscrew or loosen a plastic lid or cover to reach the massive packages, twisted son down there. Once you get off the panels, look at all the cables. It’s overwhelming at first, but it should be noted that it is likely that the three packets of cables: one that winds controls mounted on the left column (indicators, maybe lights or cruise controls) , leading to the right portion controls the rod (windscreen wipers, seat erotic vibrators, etc.), and a packet in which the steering column itself. This is what we want, because it goes to the ignition lock and spend together.

Look in this package to your destination thread colors (red) of the battery, on / in (any color learned) and starter (like yellow, maybe not). These cables are connected to stops on the switch, with an additional accessory, which is the first step that allows you to turn on the radio. If you wish, you can identify the accessory and cable, but is usually not necessary.
Prepare son

Once you identify your cables, gentle tugs to separate some of the main beam give. The method I am about to describe will allow you to access these son in an easily serviceable place waypoints really do not want to cut a son, they just want to take advantage of them. Therefore, you must take your small knife and make a small hole in the wire insulation, exposing a small piece of wire inside. Do this for three cables, causing their holes sufficiently distant from each other so as not to accidentally touch and cut everything. Also, keep an eye on the metal pieces that can touch the car and cut the cables too.

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Once scraped little holes in the insulation, take the advice of the clip and the clip right into the exposed metal, which makes good contact between small metal teeth bald and metal clip. Do this for three wires, so has now led three hanging clip hanging board.
Well, let’s do a reality

Okay, we’re almost there. Now take the lead clip of the battery and / lead in the clip and the clip together. If all goes well, you will see the usual light edge lights and the sound of your car sound like doing when the ignition is switched on normally. This is the equivalent of turning the key to the second stop. The car is about to begin. If it is a manual, you probably need to press the clutch, if it is a car that will be in park or neutral. Once you’re ready, press (not cut) the advantage of starting the union of the two ends of the clip connected and the starter motor should run, and the engine must burp the glorious life. You will probably have some sparks by touching the son, but there should be nothing to fear, unless your floor mats are made of straw soaked in gasoline.

Once the engine is started, remove the cable connected starting torque, and the engine must keep running. To stop the engine, simply release the 12V battery of lead acid ignition wire. There you go!

See, easy, right? Once you’ve finished playing, use electrical tape to carefully cover the insulation holes made on the son. We do not want to short-circuit or fire or anything. I really think this is a good thing that people are trying to do. It is easy, informative, approaches his car, and it comes as much of a tough guy because, well, you Hotwired a car. Oh, and your password every time the lock is on, it could save a lot of trouble. Enjoy.