How much does it cost to repair a scratch on a car?

Did you accidentally scratch your car? Don’t worry, it’s not the end of the world! And without a doubt, it has a solution to leave your car as before, managing to remove car scratches.

What might look like a large scratch at times is just the paint that has come off after a hit. However, it may actually have a much deeper rayon, the kind of rayon that makes your stomach churn just by looking at it because you know that they can charge you a lot of money anywhere.

But the good news is that you can save yourself from having to pay high amounts to be able to remove car scratches, since it is not difficult for you to repair it yourself. Therefore, here we tell you how to remove car scratches:

Remove scratches from car: evaluates the type of scratch

It is very important that you know that a car has four layers of paint: the clear coat (which gives shine to the paint), color (base paint), primer (prepares and protects the metal of the body, helping to bond the paint with the surface ) and metal.

Some scratches only affect the surface (the transparent layer) while other scratches affect all the other layers. The deeper a scratch, the more intensive the treatment will be to repair it.

How to remove car scratches that are light?

  • Step 1:  Clean the surface and remove any remaining paint residue.
  • Step 2:  Get a masking tape and cover the areas near the scratch.
  • Step 3:  Apply a small amount of polish to a microfiber cloth.
  • Step 4:  Polish the rayon.
  • Step 5:  Use the microfiber to clean and dry the area.

If the rayon passes the transparent layer, you can try using a polishing product with a remover effect.

How to repair deep car scratches?

Step one:  Make sure you buy the same paint color.

When looking for how to cover scratches on cars, you should definitely check the information plate that most of the vehicles have on the driver’s door to know what the color code of your car is and use the same paint.

Step two:  Wash and dry your car perfectly.

This is important, as dust and other paint can cause minor scratches when you try to repair it.

Step three: Sanding.

Buy a sandpaper, wet it, and start sanding gently. Make sure to sand only on the first coat of paint (clear coat) and to do it only in one direction.

If the scratch is still slightly visible, use sandpaper slightly thicker than the first, and then re-sand the fine sandpaper. Then rinse the area again and pat dry with a microfiber cloth.

Step four:

Get a masking tape and cover the areas near the scratch. This will ensure that you are only going to treat the damaged part.

Step five:

Apply a small amount of primer to the scratch. Wait for it to dry completely.

Step six:

Mix the paint with a little  primer . You can use a touch-up bottle for this.

Step seven:

Apply the paint and completely cover the scratch surface. Work from the edges to the inside of the rayon.

Step eight:

Let the paint dry for several days.

Step nine:

Put wax and  polish  all over the car. This will help the paint mix completely and will also brighten your car.

Important tips when knowing how to remove car scratches:

  • Wait for the first coat of paint to dry before applying another coat.
  • If you do not trust your ability because you still do not have the security of knowing how to remove car scratches, then it is better that you give it to a professional who will provide the service. But how much does it cost to repair a car scratch? As we mentioned at the beginning, this process is not cheap: its cost is approximately MXN $ 10,000 for painting and waxing the panel of your car.
  • Check the other parts of your car and make sure there are no other scratches before starting the repair.
  • Car paint is dangerous, keep it away from children and pets. Also protect yourself, since to repair your car you need to use: gloves, mask and glasses.
  • If you don’t have enough money to repair your car, we recommend using a magic pen (especially for car paint) and even white toothpaste that only works for small scratches.

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