How to be a good girlfriend ?

15 signs that you have a girlfriend

If you’re dating a girl, mark these 15 signs that you have a girlfriend. If you find a girl who fits this description, hold on to it!

1. We like the same things.
They both want to go to the movies, swimming, and have very similar views where people have to be enclosed. Not that you agree on everything, of course, but at least you’re on the same track 90% of the time.

2. It does not interfere with your work.
Yoko Ono (the second wife of John Lennon) said in an interview: “In a way both John and I ruined our careers to meet” However, breaking the Beatles was a long and complex case..

3. It tells why he is upset.
No one can be always cheerful. She tells why something is wrong, what happened at work to make crazy and why it is bad mood. Some people call this the real communication.

4. She loves you for who you are, not for what you do.
Many famous people attract others because of their celebrity. Tim Tebow, it is very clear that he wants a nice, sweet girl who dazzled by his fame.

5. It does not try to change you.
You know the guys who want to mold you into Mr. Perfect. There may be things that need fixing, but a great friend adapts imperfections and can accept the fact that your hair style is a little different or that your weight is above or below a certain limit.

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6. It has no problems with their own body image.
She is not trying to change your body all the time. She is not obsessed with diet or going to the gym. It is perfectly at ease with itself.

7. It is not the owner of his free time.
Basically, she does not complain of having sixty dozens of things on your list. It allows you time for yourself without being sticky or complain.

8. She shares her values.
The two “click” on the way people should be treated. Do you have strong opinions about what education is and how important is honesty. Above all, you have very clear ideas about money and how to spend. Whether you are a cheapskate or a big spender, as long as both are in the same category!

9. It is open to you.
You know about his childhood and the problems he had because he spoke openly about these things. You know all about their concerns and small obsessions. You know about them because she wants a friend who loves not only for his brilliant qualities but also its flaws.

10. She is a good listener.
She wants to know what went wrong with this project at work or why you were angry against your boss. She is not afraid to ask for details. Their questions are about where you come from. She offers advice when it was requested.

11. It’s so much fun to be with.
You laugh the same things. Enjoy a lot together. You appreciate the jokes of others, cartoon characters, silly songs and crazy things on Facebook.

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12. I love hanging out with friends and family.
You never have a problem when you do things with your group of friends. It is suitable for your family so easily. No jealousy or undercurrents that could become toxic.

13. She never asks for advice on clothing.
She asks him to help her choose clothes and would never dream of asking if a certain color looks good. She does not need that kind of advice because it is perfectly safe and balanced.

14. She knows how to surprise you.
She knows how to surprise. This may be something of a different output, a sudden change of plans or anything else that breaks the routine. Too many routine becomes boredom.

15. It does not bother you.
It is one that can let the little things go so you can feel completely at ease in his company. You’re both relieved that picking or boring shit. Both have changed and updated. You are now on a path of personal growth and self improvement mutual.