How to be happy: 12 things to do today

Happiness. This word brings many different feelings and meanings for each of us, but it is also a word that most of us want to be in a relationship with. I spent most of my childhood experience true happiness, even if they do not fully realize how valuable the form of pure happiness was. Now, as an adult, it seems happiness is something that we all have to work harder. Life can be difficult as we age, and most of us do not mean to become unhappy, it just happens.

Why we are not able to experience happiness
We live in a fast paced world where nothing seems to be good enough, fast enough, affordable enough or attractive enough. The money, jobs, people, flashy things, new elements of technology, and success will take control of what most of us hope that, at a time to find happiness. However, if you think back to when we were the happiest because of ulterior motives or external factors, it is likely that you see that what really brought joy to his heart was something very different from what it is now being in the Western world. Happiness exists in us all the time, is simply to take the appropriate measures to actually find again.

12 steps to find happiness

There is a theory that the means and more sustainable habits teach you something valuable to them in a 12-step process. So I broke down 12 action steps that will hopefully help you learn to be happy in a way that could not have imagined. These 12 steps are divided into four main stages. Take each step one at a time on a weekly basis. In a month, it will be better able to receive and achieve happiness, and is likely to come so we were not expecting.

level 1

1. Start a journal in which to write 5 things more thank you to the beginning (or end) every day. It may be small, large, or anything else. Maybe it is as simple as the sunrise in the morning in quiet, a career that makes you feel alive, a cup of coffee that hits the spot. Anyway, write. Try to think of five things every day, and do not forget the great things that we often forget: a house on our head, a job to go to (whether your ideal or does not), and the food fridge. Think big and small, and scoring five things you are grateful for each day, no matter how bad the day. This form of recognition to your brain and back away from the stress and worry.

2. Take every day, but you can. Vitamin D acts as a hormone in the body and is found naturally in the sun, therefore, natural light is one of the most powerful tools we have that we can use to feel better quickly. It has been shown that people with depression or sadness consistently have low levels of vitamin D in your body.

Since we work at home all day and are not exposed to vitamin D that people were once there for centuries, we must make a point to get some time outside each day. If you have the opportunity to work, definitely take advantage of that. If not, try to go at least 15 minutes each day. You can also look to take a vitamin D supplement to increase levels naturally. Look for vitamin D3 when possible, it is easier for the body to absorb vitamin D2.

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3. Rebalance your plate. Do not think of the diet mentality here; simply formed to reconsider every meal. Make a goal to add more fresh foods in your meals and skip the junk foods and fast foods with sugar. Sugar and processed foods (fast foods with high in harmful fats), which forces the body to work harder and also increase insulin levels which can lead to diabetes and unbalanced neurological function.

It has even been shown that those who eat these foods have less neurological balance and can often feel depressed mood or bad accordingly. Feed your body the right foods, and your brain will thank you in return! If you need specific ideas on how to eat healthy, you can find these particularly helpful tips.

Focus on these three tips that the first week and take each day at a time. You do not have to feel like a chore, but try to be more aware of these three areas of the first week of its goal to learn to be happy more easily. Next week, you go to step 2 and continue adding steps each week until you have reached the end of the 12 steps.

2nd step

1. Add exercise into your schedule at least three times a week. Daily exercise is best for boosting brain power and participation of neurotransmitters in the brain that help produce more serotonin and endorphins natural, but even a couple of times a week will make a difference. This step, of course, helps you feel happier, even if things in your life is not going as well as you want to be. Even walking down the street can be counted towards your goal, but the more vigorous exercise is also very good. Do your best to get at least 30 minutes of exercise three times a week, and if you already exercise, make it a point to try a new formation this week or get one more day.

2. Increase your intestinal health foods with probiotics. At the top of your new healthy foods you eat, add some rich probiotic foods to your menu. These include raw sauerkraut and kimchi (Asian, spicy sauerkraut), kefir and kefir regularly coconut, high quality (non-organic / GMO) plain yogurt without added sugar, or can take a probiotic supplement High quality. Probiotics help replenish the well with beneficial bacteria that the body uses to produce more hormones to feel good and stay healthy. The brain and intestine are directly connected, and has been shown that those who have a healthy gut feel less stressed and suffer less anxiety and depression.

3. Meet with a friend this week to discuss only of life. Sometimes we just need someone to talk to who is not in the office or not our parents. If you are not usually one to be social (my introverted colleagues understand this completely!) And then an attempt to meet someone this week to discuss. It’s nice to have a conversation with someone you trust and care about even if you do not talk about anything heavy heart. Go for coffee, eating out, or anything else you like. Or, ask a friend to join one of the workouts you do now!

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You gave him six possible steps already, do not leave yet! Build a base in the above areas is a great way to balance your body and start training your brain to think differently, but happiness can not be achieved in the only things. Now on to step 3, but continue with the steps above, because they are very important.

step 3

1. Put aside what is worthless. This can mean many things to people, and is often a difficult thing for us to think and do, but it is essential. You may have a friend called you put down all the time, a family member who hurts you, a boyfriend or a girlfriend who does not treat you well, or maybe even a boss who takes advantage of you. Or maybe none of those charged and their eating habits or bad just hurt many.

Think about the things in your life that are causing you pain and discomfort, although these things may seem well and manageable few days. This does not serve your future or a path to happiness, learn to let go. Note this and if necessary take steps to learn to let go of these things. This could mean telling someone who mistreats you must move forward, which could mean a change in employment, and that could only mean reship your diet or stop the night drinking. Anyway, it begins to let go of what does not work. This is one of the most important things you will do to learn to be happy for life. It is also a valuable tool that you can use for the rest of your life to help you stay in charge of your life and not to participate in things that hurt you instead of help.

2. Start the bank balance, or request a quote now! Budgets are not fun, and they are usually underlined in general are struggling with budgets or simply avoid them altogether. Remember that establishing a healthy relationship with money is important and it will help relieve at least one form of stress over all of us suffer. If you do not have enough money to cover your expenses, then evaluate your spending habits or consider finding extra work to make ends meet. Having lots of money does not equal happiness, but it is a manageable grip on your budget whether large or small, will make a big different in how you feel each day and help you feel less stressed.

3. Nix excess alcohol. If you did not stop drinking, however, it is time to rethink your relationship with alcohol. If you have a drink every now and then, it’s probably nothing to worry about, but if alcohol is used to take your mind off things and numb, just hurt yourself in the long run. Alcohol decreases the stimulation of mood hormones in the body as it leaves the system and also harms the liver (most likely already know), which can interfere with the natural detoxification capacity of the body. When your body works well, it feels much better. Start making a goal to have one drink a week or a small glass of red wine with dinner. If you fail to stop at that point, it might be time to seek help.

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The above steps are not as easy for some people, but they will help you achieve the best possible state of happiness. Do your best this week to really focus on things, and keep working on them to step 4.

step 4

1. It is now in the final phase, so the first step of this week is to enjoy it more! You are away, take joy in the things of every day you do. Even if things are not perfect and they are still trying to make a change in the steps from step 3, do everything necessary to enjoy your current life right now. This is important to solve difficult problems, and can help bring happiness to come more easily in the long term. Perhaps this means listening to an inspirational podcast on their way to work or music while you prepare dinner. Or, perhaps it is to stop in a bookstore you enjoy your lunch, or spend Saturday mornings doing something special for breakfast. Take action steps really concentrate enjoy your life every day more as you continue to make changes.

2. Spend more time on their passions, even if they are subjects of interest to you at that time. Most of us have trouble seeing opportunities to transform our passion into a career, but they are not always as far from reach as one might imagine. Spend 30 minutes each day doing something that interests you. If you ever wanted to write a book, get up 30 minutes earlier and write. If you enjoy sewing, then begin a sewing project and sewing for 30 minutes each day. If you like listening to music, spend 30 minutes a day playing at home or with friends. Do something every day (or at least five times a week) you really like can often lead to more passion and possible pathways that could even lead to a career doing something you love. Believe me, it works!

3. Note 5 goals. It is already much at this stage, but having goals is extremely important to find the long-term happiness. Perhaps one of the objectives is to spend more time with your family, or maybe go to a city that has never been. Perhaps learning a new skill for the job, or perhaps change jobs. Whatever the case, scoring 5 goals and start working towards these goals until you achieve them. These will become the things you are grateful for in Step 1, and you see a beautiful start to rise which can lead to a larger cycle of happiness.

Step 4 is complete! Congratulations if you got here, but are not limited there. Although drastic measures to learn to be happy, the way to happiness is always a trip. Perhaps means something different happiness for you, and that’s fine. Note your own four steps and a plan for you this month.