Best ways to be very popular at College/School/Work

1. Respect the time of others.
One way to become extremely unpopular is to be “that” the person who insists that exploded in the offices without notice. His appearance is full of fear because people know you have another useless question or comment. If you constantly interrupting the work of people or stretch a matter of 30 seconds in a tirade of 10 minutes you can be at the top of the list of most annoying colleagues in his office.

This compliance also extends to his desk. If you are in an environment where other people can hear what you say, respect their neighbors by keeping conversations low volume and avoid talking to them if you see that you are working on something.
2. Play either in an email.
Email leaves a lasting impression. An inflammatory disease of email you send another employee can make their way into the office before we know, eventually ending up in the hands of the person written about. A bad email can permanently damage your relationship with a co-worker and threaten their own professional reputation in the workplace.

If you feel the need to express about a colleague, do it outside the office, preferably with a spouse or a trusted friend. Even if you have to entertain yourself with someone who works with you, make sure that never gets written.

3. Do not be a snitch.
One way to make an enemy quickly is to go to your supervisor and complain. This includes the supervisor copy of an email complaining that employees either directly to the worker or another person. if the employee is not included in the complaint, even likely they make their way around and you have alienated a colleague.

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If you have a problem with a partner, having a conversation directly with that person. If you found that repeated attempts fall flat, you can find another way to do the job. If you feel the employee’s behavior is somehow putting the company at risk, return it to your own supervisor to handle.
4. Have a positive attitude.
My friend John Rampton always said “People are attracted to positive people, trying to get motivated and inspired by their great attitudes. Supervisors also tend to trust people more positive projects because they show their support for the organization and his work “.

Be careful not to go overboard with positivity, however. Too sunny attitude can be boring, especially when those around you are under stress or time management problems. If you can keep your positive attitude, no matter what happens, it will be much more likely to be able to manage the many constraints they face every day.

5. Find a common interest.
You meet a client for the first time or killing time between meetings with external accounting, you have a better chance to make a connection if you can find a common interest. Start by asking if they had a great weekend or mention of a big television event like a football game.

Once you have established this common bond, you will have to speak the next time you see the person. If a customer is not only memorable, meetings are more likely to have positive results if a personal connection is shared.

6. Listen.
As an expert in corporate training, Dale Carnegie said, the most important skill is also the easiest communication: listening. People are very attracted to those who are interested in what they have to say without interrupting or drift. Instead of thinking in the following to say, really listen to what the other person says and, where appropriate, demonstrate that agreed in a later conversation.

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Listening skills are especially important in supervisory relationships. Employees want to know that their complaints and concerns are heard. Leaders can significantly increase employee satisfaction simply listening and taking interest in what employees have to say.

7. Be positive.
Professionals require a re-tweet or looking for investment dollars, favors are an important part of business. President Neil Fogarty recommended offering something before asking someone a favor. Support other social networks before asking this guest blog post or capital investment.

When others see you as a support, giving contractor, they will naturally be attracted to you. This goes in the office environment, where colleagues often have to carry out projects. Instead of always asking for favors, will be to offer to help when you see a colleague is overwhelmed.

, Strong positive connections work can make every project more productive and enjoyable. By working every day to interact with colleagues, is people are more willing to help you when you need them. Many of these same principles can be applied to their relationships with family members, friends, and strangers who meet throughout the day.