7 Secrets to be popular

Why do some people not popular and beloved effort? However, other people, no matter how they try, never seem to be able to get the same confidence and respect. Even if we do not want to admit it, most people secretly aspire respect and admiration of others. These are some of the factors that can lead to a natural popularity.

1. Do not try to be popular.

It is a mistake to try to be popular. When we try to impress others and please them, it is inevitable that encourages us to give false flattery and think about what they do and say. When we behave like this ego comes to mind, and hide our true selves. This type of behavior may temporarily impress some people, but in the long term is not sustainable. We must base our friendship either be natural, and avoid extravagant to rise in the esteem of other attempts.

2. think of others more than you think to yourself.

People appreciate those who are respectful of others. If only talks about himself and his achievements, people start trying to prevent. Naturally, we respect people who are willing to spend time to listen to others. This means it offers good will to all, not just the privileged few who have a high social position.

3. Be your car.

Is it a pretend to be someone you’re not strain. When we try to please other expectations there is a lack of sincerity in thought and action – people can quickly see through this. If we learn to be content with what we are, we let our natural spontaneity to come forward, this is what will attract others.

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4. Have a big heart.

We learn to be magnanimous in their relationships with others, forget small mistakes, but appreciate the positive contributions that others make. This is one of the most important in determining how people who appreciate us factors. If we are always judging others with our critical mind, people feel naturally despised. If we go out of our way to appreciate the qualities of others, then people will warm to our generous spirit.

5. Reduce your ego.

What seek to impress people through appearing to be wise, and file names and important achievements in the conversation? When expand your ego, you increase its popularity only with yourself. If you can work without requiring external recognition and praise, people will warm to his natural humility. That actions speak louder words; if you do good things, there is no need to act as his own publicist – you’re not a politician running for election. (It is interesting that politicians are rarely popular, even if they spend most of their lives to do their best to court popularity)

6. Humor

To gain popularity, we must be self-deprecating and do not take yourself too seriously. Humor is one of the most important attributes that people value in others. They say humor is one of the most important things that women look for in a man when choosing a relationship. This does not mean that we must be a standup comedian with a long list of jokes; in fact, we must be prudent boring people with a long monologue tired jokes.

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7. Follow your ideals quietly.

People look at those who have a strong character with attributes of honesty, kindness, strength, and humility. At the same time, they are ideal to be lived and not spoken. Very often we see people talking about how others should live a good life. However, these moralists proud, they could better focus on their own behavior before giving other conference. The secret of popularity here is to be honest and give themselves without the need to correct others. The most powerful way is to just lead by example; if others follow, either; otherwise ok too.