How to do a plank for beginners ?

How to Perfect the Plank Position

The success of a well-structured fitness system is based on two factors: a balanced diet and exercise. No amount of training will result unless complemented by an appropriate diet. If you train incorrectly, the chances of materializing their efforts effectively halved. Many fitness enthusiasts are also looking for online videos for self-training purposes but there is a good chance that most of the exercises are incorrect because what seems easy to remove can be difficult on the carpet. Most fitness related injuries are usually the result of faulty performance because arched back, bent your leg or stressed your neck when not assumed. It is time to pay attention to the importance of exercising under the supervision and execution of a pose exactly how it is supposed to be done. This piece is not engaged in state-of-the-art fitness paraphernalia; Its goal is to start at level one. Let’s talk about one of the most effective exercises of all time, which can help you reach enviable, toned arms and work your entire soul too – boards.

Simplifying Plank

A standard card position is applied to the arms, shoulders and the entire core. ‘Core’ represents a group of muscles that include four major groups of abdominal muscles, lower back muscles, pelvic region, thighs, hamstrings and gluteus muscles. “When you are in a plank position that actively engages your abdominal muscles – rectus abdominal and oblique transversal.Es internal and external abdominis a complete workout of the body because it also involves the lower back and parts of the arms and the Lower body, “Gaurav Sharma Share, Fitness Manager, Sport Fit, Vasant Kunj.

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How to Do Planks

1. Take a push-up position.

2. Make sure all your weight resting on your elbows, forearms and toes.

3. The elbows should be directly under the shoulders.

4. Your body should be parallel to the ground, right.

5. Aspire into your stomach, look straight ahead.

6. Stay in position while you can.
The duration

Beginners can start doing this for 15 seconds, taking up to a minute and a half or two minutes. “If you plan to keep it longer, make sure you enter the back stretch or stretch cobra known as Bhujangasana soon after to release the tension in the muscles,” says Prosenjit Biswas, fitness director, Skulpt , Calcutta.

Things to Consider

“His position is paramount Make sure your body is perfectly parallel to the ground and your back is neither arched nor pushed Your elbows should be parked just below his shoulders One should be able to maintain the position for at least 10- 15 seconds, failing to do the results in a weaker core and lower back, “says Prosenjit.
Take it a Notch Up

Once you get comfortable with the standard board position, try to play with the duration. The more you have, the more it becomes. Experts suggest that after dominating the standard posture should try variations. “You can go simultaneously to the chests, are excellent to increase their strength and train their oblicuos.Desde that the board is essentially a kernel strengthening exercise, you can be completed with other exercises that target the same area, for example V sit -UPS.

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