7 Ways to Re-motivate yourself to work

When you work for yourself, it can be hard to stay motivated every hour of every workday. Especially when you have someone hovering over you. After all, you are the boss.

Lack of motivation can result from a number of causes, including exhaustion, a desk overload, lack of sleep, boredom, repetitive actions without a clear goal, even on rainy days. It is perfectly normal to have a less-than-productive day once in a while, so do not worry. You probably just need a break. Follow these tips to re-energize your day.

1. Leave your desktop.
When sitting in the same spot day after day, you can suffer from boredom. Reposition your desk or take a task that can be carried in a place outside – like a cafeteria or library – and work remotely for a couple of hours. Take note of your surroundings and breathe deeply. Use all your senses: taste, touch, smell, sight and hearing.

2. Clean the work area.
Nothing will bring you down as the day back after a day to a space cluttered, disorganized or dirty work. Put some time and effort in cleaning, organizing and decorating your office space. You spend most of your waking hours there, so it’s a nice place to be. Hiring an organization of experts to help design a practical system file, hang pictures that remind her favorite activities after work, office or infused with fresh flowers or candles.

3. Review and reset your goals.
If you have been doing the same thing over and over again for a long time, it may be time to reset your goals. Take the time to work “on” the business, set monthly or annual targets. Brainstorm without filtering them and write down everything you plan for business and personal life. Making a vision board containing images of what motivates. It is easy to lose sight of their ultimate goals when you are stuck in the minutiae of every day.

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4. Make a list of priorities to make.
Create a daily or weekly to the list and keep it in sight at all times. Enjoy the reward check each task as you complete it. Note the items you want or need to perform every day and challenge yourself to do at first. Set a daily goal for the number of completed tasks, the recorded hours or earned dollars.

5. Just start.
The hardest part of any work starts, then choose a task and just start doing it. Once you start, it is likely that is increasingly compromised. Do not overwhelm with a seemingly overwhelming number of “to do”. Once you have completed a task, clean your desktop to create a space for the next task. Try to keep piles of clutter your workspace and your mind.

6. Create external deadlines.
More things are done when you promise a delivery date. See if you can set the delivery time for each task, if deliveries billing rates or internal customers. Celebrate when filled in advance.

7. Take a break.
Running a business can consume all your thoughts, so be gentle with you and let your mind take a break from time to time. Doing something completely different job and rediscover some of the joys life has to offer outside of work. And do not forget to give your body a break, especially if you curl up in a larger team of the day. Try to stretch at least 10-20 minutes every day.

Self-motivation is a process that must be practiced. If you have days when you prefer not to get out of bed, you’re not alone. Give yourself permission to take a mental health day occasionally. It is essential to take care of your biggest investment: You!

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