How to prepare your car for sale?

The time has come to sell your used car, but how to do it safely and without the process being exhausting? In fact, selling used cars is not an easy task. After all, the details are so many, and so important, that they can sink the whole business.

You must be prepared to seek the best deal when buying and selling used cars, and without taking risks. So, putting into practice, what is the best way of useful solutions that solve the problems that arise when it comes to used cars for sale?

6 Tips for Selling Your Used Car

When selling used cars, a number of small details are crucial to making a good deal. The greater the attention given to these details, the greater the chance of success in the transaction.

But what needs to be done to have no upset or regrets? What issues should be resolved and what precautions should we take when transferring the vehicle forward? If you are interested in knowing everything about used cars for sale, here are 6 tips for selling a used car safely. Check out!

1. Car care

A clean and smelling car is always pleasing, isn’t it? So, do a good wash and wax the car so that it is shining.

If you notice minor scratches and scratches on the bodywork, you can get a polishing service to fix these details. But, if the damage is greater, look for a body shop service – this will ensure that your car does not lose value.

Mechanical problems can depreciate the value of used cars for sale. Therefore, check the vehicle and replace any damaged parts. The same goes for imported used cars, if repairs and other changes are required, the price may suffer depreciation. Therefore, when defining how much will be charged, it is necessary to think about the need for maintenance.

Remember: everything that represents expenses for the buyer devalues ​​your car at the time of negotiation. Even so, it is possible to find buyers: count on InstaCarro to sell your used car.

2. Documentation

In the process of buying and selling used cars, eliminate all debts related to the vehicle. Do not transfer the responsibility that you must have to the car documents to another. Pay the IPVA, compulsory insurance (DPVAT), in addition to fines.

Even if you have recourse to fines, it is important to wait for the final result to come out. The car cannot be sold with this pending. It is only after the opinion of the justification that the car can be transferred and transferred to the new owner.

Vehicle transfer procedures

Did you finalize the sale? Fill in the Vehicle Registration Certificate (CRV) with your details, the buyer data and the sale price of the car and sign with the new owner.

Both must go to the banknote registration office to recognize and authenticate signatures. Make copies of the documents and also recognize them at the registry office and deliver the original CRV to the new owner.

Remember to communicate the sale of the vehicle taking one of the certified copies of the CRV to DETRAN within 30 days after the date of sale. The new owner must transfer the vehicle to his property within the same period.

Failure to do so will result in a fine and other penalties for the seller and the buyer. If you want to become an expert on how to sell used cars, it is important to be aware of these details.

3. Ensure a good track record

Future buyers will be interested in your vehicle’s past. So, have in hand the manual and the certificates of the revisions that were carried out, inside or outside the dealership. Even if the car is no longer under warranty, it is important to show that it has been well taken care of. This makes all the difference in the process of selling used cars.

4. Payment methods

Ideally, payment should be made in cash or deposited in a checking account. Although it is difficult nowadays, if the payer opts for a check, only accept it if he has funds or if they are administrative checks, which are less likely to be irregular.

Before picking up the buyer’s vouchers, check that the payment has fallen into your account and make sure that the money is released by the bank. Anticipate these possibilities so as not to be deceived by buyers. Have all receipts and other documents that pertain to the transaction.

At InstaCarro, the money falls into your account within 24 hours. Easy and fast, isn’t it?

5. Keep an eye on the Fipe table

A good strategy to know when to sell your car is to observe the life cycle in which it is found, whether due to restyling, a change of platform, as well as the exit of the line model.

Also note whether maintenance has had a major impact on your pocket. A good indication is to evaluate the value of your vehicle through the Fipe table and check if the cost of maintaining the car is above 10% of the sale value.

6. Sell your car online

If you are looking for a car sales website, InstaCarro has great transparency in the vehicle and sale evaluation process . In addition, its processes are agile and the used car is easier to market.

Used car sales documents

For the transfer to be made as required by law, it is essential that there is the presentation of complete documentation. It serves for everything to happen as planned and ensures smoothness for both parties involved.

There is not only one document, but a series of elements that must be demonstrated in order for everything to be concluded. Next, see how they divide and know which ones are indispensable.

Seller documents

Whoever makes the sale needs to prove that the transaction is suitable and that the vehicle is in their possession. This avoids fraudulent processes or even stolen items, which brings problems for those who buy.

To guarantee the safety of all those involved, the main documents in this regard are:

  • CPF and / or RG of the individual;
  • birth or marriage certificate;
  • negative certificate of disposal of assets or guardianship, which prove the permission to carry out the stage;
  • Vehicle Ownership Certificate;
  • Certificate of Vehicle Registration (CRV) or Certificate of Vehicle Registration and Licensing (CRLV) with the name of the buyer.

Buyer documents

Those who buy must demonstrate financial capacity and genuine interest, who maintain that the operation is done in a totally legal manner. In case of problems, the seller or the competent bodies must know how to contact you and, therefore, some documents include:

  • RG and CPF or CNPJ, in the case of legal entities, as concessionaires;
  • articles of association or Articles of Association of companies;
  • proof of address or business address used;
  • proof of payment after the purchase is closed.

Vehicle documents

After all, you need to worry about vehicle documents. In addition to providing security in the purchase evaluation, they allow mandatory communication of the sale and transfer of ownership to Detran. Before purchase, the required documents are:

  • CRV completely filled and notarized;
  • a copy of the CRLV and the original;
  • proof of settlement of fines, licensing and IPVA values;
  • contract signed by both parties;
  • RENAVAM form;
  • two vehicle chassis decals.

After the transaction is complete, the seller needs to communicate the sale to Detran through the completed CRV, in order to avoid any possible liability. The buyer, on the other hand, must go to the agency to perform a new survey and receive the definitive CRLV.

Contract for the sale of used cars

One of the most important elements to complete the steps is the used car sales contract. This legal provision formalizes the transaction and provides legal certainty for both parties. For it to be valid, it is essential that certain elements are present. Thus, the process runs smoothly. Among the main factors are:

Interested parts

The used car sales contract begins with the presentation of the interested parties. It is necessary to explain who the seller is, as well as their permanent documents. On the other hand, the buyer is defined so that there are no doubts about the transaction.

Another aspect that cannot be left out is the vehicle. It must be described with all relevant details, such as make, model, year, chassis and so on. The more complete the detail, the better the result.

Sales price and payment method

Another point that appears in this item is the amount by which the sale is made. It must include all possible costs agreed between the parties, such as the value of the regularization guide with Detran. It is also necessary to demonstrate the form of payment, such as cash payment, by check or divided into installments, for example. Everything that is established at that point needs to be fulfilled.

Transfer deadline

At the end of the contract, questions regarding the transfer term are presented. If it is not immediate, it is necessary to set the deadline and how the process will take place. To ensure that everything goes according to plan, clauses such as fines and termination amounts should be provided if something is not met.

Used car sales: the latest details

It is always good to remember that you should only deliver your car to the buyer after the money is already in your account. So make sure that the amount deposited is actually available in your account, and not just as a forecast.

After that, make an appointment in a public place and deliver the vehicle as agreed between the parties. Also be sure to follow the documentation transfer.

Go to the registry office with the buyer – both must sign the vehicle receipt and register their signatures with a recognized signature. Then, inform the DMV of your city that you made the sale of the vehicle, to be exempt from possible legal obligations on the car sold.

Anyway, given all these options, your first initiative is to decide how you intend to negotiate your used vehicle to start the process. And, as we have seen, it is always good to look for tools that can help you in this decision!

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