How to remove water spots from car windows?

In addition to the aesthetic aspect, keeping your car windows clean is essential to ensure the safety of your passengers. Dirty and stained glass interferes with visibility and can cause accidents.

As you have seen here on the blog, many repairs and maintenance can be done at home, without depending on the help of a professional. However, many people are unsure of the right way to remove stains from glass, as there is a huge variety of products and procedures available on the market.

But don’t worry, we’re here to help you again! We brought a guide with several solutions for you to be able to clean your windows efficiently, as well as tips on how to avoid new risks and stains in the future. Check out:

Home procedures




Advantages: very cheap

Disadvantages: if done without caution it can worsen or even create new stains, in addition to having a less lasting effect than the other options.

It may sound silly, but the most basic (and efficient) way to remove small grease and dust spots is to use a mixture of kitchen detergent and plenty of water. Now you must be thinking: “I really read this far for you to tell me that I should use water and detergent?” And the answer is: yes! That’s because kitchen detergent has a special feature. They make dirt (mostly oil and grease) stick to the water. We are not going to go into details about how detergent molecules ( NERD! ) Work , you just need to know that it is “magic” and that it is an efficient – and inexpensive – way to remove dirt like that.

Among other homemade solutions we can also mention vinegar mixed with water, mainly on the outside of the glass. Like detergent, vinegar also helps to remove stains, dirt and degrease.

To prevent these agents from leaking into the bodywork, it is recommended to use a spray bottle containing a mixture of the three items: fill the spray bottle with water and add one teaspoon of detergent and one of vinegar. Spray all the glass and wash using the yellow part of a new sponge with horizontal movements (remember the teachings of Mr. Miyagi from the Karate Kid?). Then rinse and dry using a soft dry cloth.

There are also those who prefer to use sparkling water, as bubbles also help remove stains and speed up the cleaning process. Although less practical, many claim that sparkling water helps make glass more translucent.

If the glass does not have a film, it is still possible to use liquid or gel alcohol to shine. Never use alcohol on film glasses, as it causes corrosion and fogging in this type of material.

For film glasses, it is better to use water and paper towels. And always use soft, clean cloths to avoid scratching the glass and impairing cleaning.

Glass stain removal products


Advantage: it comes close to the effect of professional cleaning, enhancing the look, protecting and giving greater durability

Disadvantage: less cheap than using homemade solutions

If you do not see many benefits in homemade solutions, you can find many products available on the market that help with the task, cleaning, protecting and brightening both inside and outside.

The advantages of using products made for this is the ease of application: since it is a professional product, the process of cleaning and removing stains from the glass as a whole is much more agile. That is, much less work for you when applying. In addition, they also form a protective layer (as well as waxes) that ensure greater cleaning durability.

So if you are one of those drivers who value comfort and convenience – and who like to always leave the car with an incredible look and do not spare any effort for it – these ready-made products are the best solution for you.

As stated earlier, there are many options on the market. But the only thing you need to worry about when choosing a Glass Cleaner is with regard to the quality of the product itself.

At the DUB Store we work with cleaners and stain removers from imported brands, with technology and quality that promote better results in cleaning car windows. Check out some:

The application has no secret, as it comes in a spray bottle, just follow the same steps indicated in the homemade solutions.

Professional help


Advantages: convenience, more complete cleaning and also enhances the look more

Disadvantages: High price

Another resource that can be used is to seek professional help. Although it usually guarantees better efficiency in removing more difficult stains, it is not the cheapest solution. Therefore, first analyze the degree of “damage” and then choose the solution with the best cost benefit for you and your car.

The DUB Store helps you keep your car clean with the best products on the market, always indicating the highest quality brands. Our service and sales process also extends to other personalization products, such as springs, shock absorbers and sports exhausts. Access our website and find the best solution for your car. You need performance and security: find it at the DUB Store.

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