Restarting iPhone without touching Screen

On rare occasions, an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch will be totally insensible and wandering, resulting in what amounts to a locked device that simply do nothing. The most obvious indicator is when something on the screen simply stops completely and the touch screen does not respond at all entrances, and clicking on one of the hard keys does nothing. Fortunately almost always can address these unusual situations force restarting the IOS device, a low-tech solution that works to remedy most of these questions, it only takes a few seconds, and it is actually quite easy.
Force restarting iPhone, iPad
If you find yourself with an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch must be restarted by force, that’s what you want to do to achieve this trick to solve common problems:

Locate and press the Power / Lock button on the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch – which is usually at the top of the device, or on the top right
Locate and press the start button on the iOS device – which is still in the lower half of the device
Hold the two power buttons and start simultaneously until the device restarts, it usually takes about 10 seconds, as signified by the  Apple logo appears on the screen
Forcing a restart iPhone

The following video shows a restart of the iPhone with this reset force method:

This simple solution is sometimes called a reset reset or a hard disk (not to be confused with an actual factory reset), and is working to resolve the problem in the majority of cases, ranging from single port applications, the vibration nonstop iPhone rare thing, a wheel that rotates endlessly stuck, a device that does not respond completely frozen that is trapped in an application, a touch screen that do not respond, many, many other problems. Sometimes it can even be the solution to a device that looks like it is not running, as long as the device is loaded correctly.

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Note that if you work with an iPhone or iPad with hardware failure buttons, you can always reset the device through a few different things here.

Moreover, this trick works on more than one iPhone or iPad stuck, and can usually be corrected similar situations in a desktop or laptop computer to force a Mac to restart too, as shown here.