How to Install a Toilet from Scratch at Home ?

Installing Toilet Step by Step Method

Replacing a toilet can seem daunting DIY project, but all you need is a few simple steps to get a new throne was fixed within hours.

Toilets can last for years, but when the time to replace them, you just met arrives. Water leaks breaking seats, a damaged toilet provides an excellent opportunity to improve. Believe it or not, new sanitary really offer a wide range of useful features, such as softcover closing lower seat heights (universal design) and low water consumption.

You can buy everything you need to replace your toilet Home Depot or Lowe’s, including the toilet. American Standard and Kohler toilets both offer at least $ 200 that any DIYer could install.

In addition to the toilet wax ring (included with the toilet), a key to remove the nuts that hold the toilet, and towels necessary. Read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully as installation details vary between the brand and models.

Step one: Remove the old toilet
Locate the water valve which is near the next toilet wall. Turn the knob clockwise to tighten and cut off the water to the toilet.

Then flush the toilet to drain all the water. You can take the excess water with a towel. Remove the water line by removing the toilet tank.
Use the socket wrench or crescent to remove the screws at the base of the toilet. After removing the screws, you can lift the toilet directly from the factory. Be careful when putting them back down, because it can easily tip over and break, causing a big mess and possible damage to the plant.

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Step two: Install the new base
Clean the surface of the soil around the base of the toilet so that the new toilet is flat on the floor. Place a rag in the hole to keep sewer gas from entering and preventing the old wax and dirt from falling into the hole.

After cleaning of the base surface, the extension of new screw at the base thereof:
Place the wax ring at the opening at the base of the toilet and slowly lower the toilet over the bolts at the base and on the ground. Press firmly to make sure you have a good connection.
Fix the base of the toilet on the floor with nuts and prepare to assemble and install the toilet tank (if not already connected).

Step Three: Install the tank
The toilet tank contains water and from the back of the toilet base. It is held in place by two screws that connect it to the base. Make sure that the packages are united included, since this connection should be tight. Lower the deposit base and secure the two screws.
Finally, fix the toilet seat and reconnect the water line in the tank. When you are ready for the moment of truth, restore water. You should see the filling of the tank, and when you finish, you can make a color test. Check for leaks between the floor and the toilet and the base and tank.

If you are unsure of dealing with this project, then do a weekday, so if you need to call in the calvary (plumber), you can find during office hours. Most take weekends. But if the instructions are followed to the letter, you will be amazed at the amount if you can do it yourself. Good luck!

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