The 5 Must-ASK interview questions to determine whether someone is a Fit

I often tell my team “is all about the people” and for this to be true, you must ensure that everyone carrying out is the culture of your company. And if it leads to a Fortune 500 company teams or just getting started, the need for greater cultural hires never disappears.

To hire for culture, the interview should not only consist of fundamental issues centered on values ??and teamwork, but also issues further. to understand whether this person will be a great need to focus on certain issues. How are hired for culture? What kind of questions should you ask potential candidates?

There are basic questions: What are your values? They tell me about a time when they were part of a great team – it was great? These are questions descent, but give an idea of ??climbing surface level to determine whether a potential new employee will be a great cultural fit.

Throughout my career, and my time at Microsoft and currently the home network improvement, have always taken a practical approach to team building and hiring people in cultural right way.

To help those looking to make great cultural engagements, here they are my five must ask questions to determine whether persons who come forward will be right for your business.

1. Why do you want to work in this business and what are your expectations?
You need to know if people want to join your business for the right reasons.

For example, they know what it takes to succeed in a business at an early stage? Are you willing to accept the ambiguity? Are you willing to get your hands dirty? Are you prepared to carry out quickly with limited resources? They Are Scrappy? What values ??stays true to the heart of your culture, you need to hire people who are aligned with the running of your business and the values ??they live.

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2. Who and what inspires you?
I learn from people who are their points of inspiration. What are your role models and what makes these people special for the candidate? Often a number of flashes of the issue garner, as it gives you a peak in the patterns of behavior of an individual aspects and in many cases as a role model.

3 What is your superpower?
Everyone is good at something. Everyone has a superpower. He is the way the line is drawn from when times are tough and you have to put your head down, handle and produce. People should be honest about it and should foster an honest answer. Part of creating people to success is making sure you have the right role at the right time.

As I recently shared, I think the job of a manager is to get the most out of your people. Put them in a vertical position with the right equipment is an important part of the equation. This goes a long way in ensuring the positive cultural crisis.

4. What motivates you to come to work every day?
There are a number of ways for people to answer this question, but I found that those who carry great energy and curiosity press as a reason to run down the stairs every day. Great employees know that learning never ends and maintain a high degree of intellectual curiosity throughout their working day to day. You will find that these employees are above what is happening around the company and industry. They identify trends before they happen and think in a very pragmatic way. This is a superpower has worldwide. When you find someone who thinks the world in a way that is bigger than him, that energy is contagious.

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5. How are you going to do better on others to do?
I love this question because it gives people the opportunity to present one of my favorite features: self-consciousness. The best people know they do not know everything. They are aware of their strengths and limitations, and can talk to them both to transparency and openness. In particular, they can focus on specific areas they want to improve, grow and learn. Spend more time talking about their losses (and what they have learned) that their victories. This shows that value collaboration and the development of a transparent work environment.