How to Iron a Shirt Perfectly Step by Step ?

Ironing Shirt at Home

Ironing clothes is one of the tasks that tend to be a little scary, but do not worry, it seems too complicated. Here we will break it down into three, the simplest common cases: shirts, pants and skirts. Some types of fabrics may require special attention, but other than that everything is more or less the same.

What you must:

Iron cleaning A (no rust or burnt starch because it ruins the clothes!)
Ironing board
Some water, preferably in a spray bottle
Some light starch if you want to use
Yes, an ironing board is really needed. “Any flat surface of old” can do in a pinch, but that is an emergency measure than anything else. The panels are specially designed to make the job easier, but more than that, they are wrapped in a special material that is not only fire resistant but breathable that steam can escape under the item that is ironed.


ironing shirts is faster and easier than it seems. As Mr. T. Lewin said in the video above, you should take an average of three minutes to iron a shirt properly, and you do it the right way.

It is best to start at the top, because it will be great hanging on the sides of the board, then you have completed the rest of the shirt. In the other direction, leaving the sleeves at the end, end up causing wrinkles in other parts of the shirt is ironed.
open fists! This is something that many of the newcomers board get sick all the time, but it is not only easier to open fists and lay them flat, but allows you to do a better job boards full beam, too.
By the collar, make sure to open it and lay it flat. As his fists, people tend to think that this is the opposite of what they should do, because they are used to seeing the necklace in the down position at all times.
Then let the shirt hang for several minutes to cool completely. Ironing fabric heated to a very high relative temperature, and the “flattening” actually starts in the charging phase, which immediately leads could deny some of the hard work you’ve put on the table first.

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“Prensa” There’s a reason people say instead of “iron” for pants. Although will still use an iron, a pressure steam and fresh water will do the job, not so much movement and heat of the iron itself.

If you lost your main fold, find it easy. Only flat trousers on the board, and the line of stitching leg break up. The fold is so far from these seams is that the fabric.
The fold should go all the way up the leg, stopping about six inches below the waist. If there are folds, the fold can go all the way to the crease. Always adjust first before.
If pressed in a fold, pants must go through the waist for at least an hour or two to adjust. If you do not put the creases in his pants, do not worry about it! Just take a few minutes to cool.

For most skirts, it is as simple as starting at the top and work your way up. An exception would be for skirts that suddenly erupt at the bottom, which is called “flying”. For frilly skirts, you would start at the bottom, and iron each wheel first, then work your way up to the waist. Basically, the skirts are easy enough just to be careful with the fabric.

Use the appropriate heat for the right fabrics

Fabrics such as silk and polyester both require special attention, because it does not take much to ruin with an iron. For one of them, make sure that you always use the lowest setting on your iron. Although not required, it must also use a canvas barrier (something like baking paper also works well). Flax is used instead of cotton, since not shed lint, and is highly breathable, allowing vapor to pass through it.

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Use the means for wool and rayon fit all the iron set on high heat for cotton and linen remains. If you are not sure what type of fabric you are on iron, one step further just to be sure. If wrinkles are not going, then you can treat lightly toasted in a higher position.

Get the wrinkles in a pinch (without iron)

Sometimes you just do not have time to sit and something truly iron, or perhaps even a readily available iron and can not find one. In such cases, there are a few tricks you can get by without much headache.

Use the shower: As funny as it sounds, hang clothes straight out of the shower curtain or door when running hot water is actually a very easy way to get rid of most wrinkles in clothes. The only problem with this method is that the clothes can be soaked easily with bad splash, and creases that were there on purpose probably disappear soon after.

spritzing water: Use a spray bottle is already a trick used during ironing steam to help get deeper into the tissue, but if you do not have an iron back and need to have some serious wrinkles simply by using the water it can help tremendously. The best way to do something like this would also make use of something flat and heavy, like a phone book. Sprinkle a little water in the wrinkled area, rub gently, and try to flatten by pressing the book on a flat table. Do not take too long, though, or it can be the cause of a new set of nearby wrinkles.

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Use the dryer: If you have a good half hour to spare, you can spray large amounts of water in the rumpled element and throw it in the dryer for a quick and warm fall. The trick here is the dryer while it is still hot, then either put and hang up immediately. Almost all the wrinkles can be taken from a single element in this way.