Keeping Long-Term Text Conversation With Boy and Girl

Do you want to overcome the anxiety or shyness and be confident and charismatic? Do you want to make a conversation with anyone effortlessly make friends with dates and see easily?

Social trust as a coach, working with boys What regularly struggle to keep conversations Walked In. In particular, they have problems for prolonging discussions with members of the opposite sex, so how to hold a conversation with a girl is a subject I turn What a Menudo.

There are a lot of advice out there on how to talk to girls, there are numerous approaches using memorized lines to play the good guy, Knew bombards him with questions.

I like my thinking What is the difference approach because most men do not teach routines or tricks surface and not encourage me to be false. The help to understand the psychology and social dynamics Women, Social acquire social trust and develop real skills with women.

There are some proven ideas on how to keep a conversation with a girl What really works very well, and I encourage Clients to put constantly by applying them. I would like to share with you one by one.

Step 1: Stop romanticize Women

Almost all men know that you have trouble keeping That conversation with the girls has this strong inclination to idealize women. They see women as flawless, especially the fine, believe that Generally women are above them hard and impress, there believe What always have to say brilliant something in the conversation in order to maintain the interest of women .

This way of thinking is very far from reality, and that makes it difficult for them to keep a girl with conversation. Seen nothing to say enough have good pressure on themselves to be witty with each comment What do and therefore end up having little say in an argument.

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For this reason, women must is to stop idealizing. If the allow you to relax around women, have confidence, and say what you think without second guessing yourself all the time. not very attractive behavior And this, incidentally What also made no effort Feel the conversation.

Of course by stop romanticizing women’s easier said What do. We are talking about a change of thought and habit of behavior, which requires certain psychological techniques. To deepen in them, this presentation instruction worm That I discuss this issue separated and further.

Step 2: Find Your interests

Individuals often have difficulties to know what to talk to a girl because they know YOUR interests. They may think: “I can talk about computers, because I’m interested in this topic, but she is interested?”

girlOne way to solve this situation is by trial and error. If he starts talking about certain topic What What you think may be interested, and if she does not seem interested in effect, always talking about it. If not, it is moved to another topic, and another, and another by looking find the link That you can. And this is part of a natural normal conversation.

However, there is an even better way to deal with this situation. At the beginning of conversation the questions the girl a single, direct questions and interests That provocative. Usually, I like something ask “so, what do you like to do?” Or “Tell me, which the son of interests”

She goes to mention some of them, and I know I can talk about it Then That goes to enjoy. Then identify Between me enjoy those topics That well, and these are confidently That Addresses What can make the conversation. This is how to hold a conversation with a girl by finding common ground.

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Step 3: Talk a little about himself

Is this popular idea That for maintaining a conversation with a What girl just met, you have to ask her many questions because everyone the like to talk about themselves, and not talk too much about yourself because of you automatically absorbed will?

Not be the first What’s happened this idea, but I doubt very seriously Experiences That had many women with talk. Because only in the practice, this idea rarely holds water.

That dock account when you’re talking to a girl What she just met, who are in a strange Most Known necessary. She knows nothing about you. And a girl not going to feel comfortable answering a long list of personal questions such as What to almost nothing known about. I can not tell you how many girls have confessed this to me.

For this reason, it is Important when talking to a girl asking questions combine to talk about yourself. It is this mixture of talking to do it, talking, talking her a little more, little talking, which makes the conversation go ahead and What helps both feel comfortable with each other. And that’s exactly what he wants.

Normally doubt you can talk about yourself in, and because it lacks practice, it may not be very good that either. But this is something that can be overcome only with practice. So try to be more talkative and talk more about himself. With the best experience What you get in it and get so much easier.

Step 4: control the anxiety

What guys want to learn how to hold a conversation with a girl usually feels very anxious to talk to girls, or even just think about it. Jos Carreras heart, your mind is often left blank, and this naturally makes dialogue difficult.

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Almost every time, this is the real root of the problem anxiety. There is a lack of skills of conversation; or at least not much. And if you want to be able to hold a conversation effortlessly with a girl, you need to eliminate the problem at its root.

In other words, you need to learn how your handle in anxiety around girls, so you can feel comfortable talking to any girl. Then, of course, is to be able to at all times maintain Conversations What want.

What Since this is an issue I address complex was separated for more detail are special this video. We recommend What you see now in That, in it because you learn some more about the powerful information What exists elimination of anxiety and building confidence conversation. So you sure of That looks.

What I know talking to a girl can be difficult for you at this time. But trust me, this can change completely. Yes, goes to take some work. You have to learn to deal with nervousness and create better habits of conversation itself is necessary.

The good news is that there are quality resources and specialists ready to help in this journey. If not, I invite you to join my free newsletter news of confidence and you will regularly receive Social recommendations to improve me social trust and social skills.

His life is social plus hands. Do the best you can is.