How to Kill Ants with Borax Outside and Inside House ?

Killing Ants in House Easily

When ants invade your home, it’s time to battle. You should not use ant baits with the pesticide in the traps, however, because there are many natural ways to get rid of ants and keep them out.

Already faced with ants in your home

Probably the most widely used ingredient in controlling the ant house is borax. We have already proposed a 50/50 solution of borax mixed with sugar placed in a small cap, since most ants are attracted to the sweet stuff. Jonathon Hatch wrote to get rid of things that rely on sugary baits work ant to get rid of sugar ants (also known as the Casa ants or ant the floor, these small brown ants make mounds on the sidewalk) the pharaoh ants (ants or voracious appetite), and Argentine ants (long black ants). If you live in the south, where the fire ants swarm or have carpenter ants, unfortunately, it seems to be more effective insecticides.

Borax more, you can also sprinkle a firewall baby powder near the entry point for ants ants inside your home lose their scent trail, lost and eventually die.

Keep ants Bay

To deter ants come inside your house, baby powder thing can work as well because the ants will not go to the dust. There are other options that also involve perfume or clever uses, some of which we mentioned earlier:

Put cucumber slices close cracks or entry points, apparently because the ants hate cucumbers.
Drawing chalk lines around doors and windows, as with baby powder, this can work because the ants do not like the particles that stick to your feet.
Put the bay leaves and sprinkle with cayenne, where ants come; according to Planet Green, ants hate the smell thereof.
Prepare a vinegar cleaning solution, water, and a dozen tree oil drops of tea and spray it around the counter / doors / etc. Also like the baby powder thing, which makes them lose their scent trails ants and stop coming around (I hope).
Clean your kitchen, take out the trash, and sealing doors and window frames are all good measures. Other suggestions ants? Let us hear in the comments. Photo by Shira Gal.

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