Playing Chess Like Genius

This is an explanation of the rules of chess. I love the game, and I wanted to make my own illustrated tutorial. I know there are other Instructables chess, and I hope this will add to the growing community of Instructables chess.

I tried to explain as I could through illustrations. If written instructions are confusing, take a look at the pictures. For more complicated rules, illustrated them in sequence.

Step 1:

Setting, Take turns and Parts

Installation image, Active, and Bearing Parts


The board is configured as shown. There should always be a white square in the closest to the right side for both players. Remember that the queen must be in a place that matches your color.


White always moves first, and players alternate turns. Players can only move one piece at a time, except when castling (explained later).

Taking Parts:

Players take pieces when faced with an opponent in their path of movement. Only pawns taken differently moving (explained later). Players can not take or move through their own pieces.

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