20 ways of looking wonderfully warm in winter

Every fall is almost Christmas for all fashionistas worldwide. The tracks are full of new ideas, innovative approaches and creative designs, so it is quite difficult to keep your attention on one thing. However, when all is finished, we can easily determine which elements are mandatory wear, thanks to the general highlights and elements that have made a strong personal impression on us individually.

In my case, it was twenty trends and currents that all fashion lovers should be aware of different. Being fabulous is no easy task – it is a thorough investigation to begin playback.

1. OTK Boots

If you visited a parade or not, I’m sure he has witnessed the evolution of this trend – over the knee boots are practically the basis of the autumn street style. Everywhere I turn, I see a beautiful pair of OTK boots staring at me, so this is a must-have item. Among other suggestions on his runway show style, Burberry went further with his boot designs.

2. tall

I am very pleased that the high waist is great again. There is probably nothing more feminine than when a woman focuses on his intaglio. In addition, a good belt or a large cut can do wonders for your body, so you should experiment to find the right design.

3. Cut a shoulder

Showing skin is a gray area – no one can really draw a strict line that gross flat tasteful parts, so everything is mostly up to personal taste. But there is a cut all will agree – if you go with one shoulder dress or shirt to make a mistake. It adds a little mystery to all.

4. Ladies wear gloves

Here’s another return of the trend that made me very happy – gloves. The love in all forms, textiles and sizes because there is something that distinguishes enough about them. If you are a glove or not, you must use – protect your skin and make it look elegant. This is one of those fancy tips that no woman should miss.

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5. Victorian is back

If you want to add a little edge to his team, clothes inspired by the fashion of the Victorian era should definitely be part of the autumn collection. These pieces really bold contribute to make you look elegant and powerful, so if it’s a feeling that you want to let go all Victorian.

6. Soft, feminine bohemian

On the other hand, if the clothing of the Victorian era are not really your cup of tea, and prefer to celebrate their femininity through more casual outfits, your choice of clothing should be and Boho Boho only. It’s quite nice that there is a selection of fashion at the opposite end of the spectrum, so that no one feels like they have been deprived of the opportunity to let your personality shine.

7. Put in some Fuzz

Put together a costume that is beautiful and useful is not always easy, but now you can combine stylish clothes and warm with fuzz. It really is in all parties – on collars, cuffs, waist – so you will not have to suffer in the freezing cold of this winter in the name of fashion.

8. While white

We all know that a classic white shirt is one of the ten essential elements are found in the wardrobe of every woman, but this drop is almost a golden age for those who love white in general. It is rather strange, because these collections are often inspired by the colors of autumn, but we can all agree that white is a nice change of pace.

9. The patches are

Again, the opposite of the bright and white, those who like colorful clothes will find a wide choice, because this fall is all about patches, and my suggestion is to go with ponchos.

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10. Oriental motifs

Eastern lands have a long history recognizable and the reasons ensuing bear a strong symbolic. This fall, you will see a lot of clothes inspired by Eastern cultures, are quite enigmatic and mystical, which makes them very desirable.

11. dramatic Caps

If you are in a bit of drama, now is the right time to get a coat. Many different brands decided to go with them as an important part of their collections, so you have a wide choice of different lengths and the available buttons.

12. powerful Pants

There is something irresistible men’s clothing – like the Victorian-inspired clothes, pantsuits make all women feel strong and powerful. You will be able to find these costumes in Fifty Shades of Grey – literally. Women who can not get enough of men’s clothing should definitely check what remains is a trend. These clothes can really drag, then remember to wear something Boho occasionally so you do not wake up one morning and see that you essentially have a wardrobe for men.

13. Slip Dresses

This is not one of those things that are designed to subtly suggest the natural beauty incalculable hiding under layers of tissue – obviously slip dresses can be removed in seconds. If you’re wondering what to wear on her big day, look no further.

14. comfortable Panties

Fashion is not always convenient – indeed, it is not in most cases and all fashionistas know. However, this fall brings panties, so you can rest occasionally and enjoy these rare moments of comfort. What makes them so attractive is its look-skirt you wear pants, feminine look to them and be comfortable all the time. Pretty impressive, right?

15. Fringe, Fringe, Fringe

If you like when your clothes are dance movements while walking, you need to get at least a couple of different fringed garments. Fashion is to find a way to express your personality, and if you are entertaining and fun clothing should be.

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16. Check window

It is as Scottish has been minimized – like everything in fashion lately. The window design is everywhere; In skirts, dresses, coats and pants, so you really can not make a mistake that you decide to go with.

17. Polka Dots

If they are black moles, large or small, white, somehow, they can not go out of fashion. They emit bright spirit of the 50s was the age of huge divas, so if you are for any permanent thing, this is the reason to go with. The fact that decide to go with something classic like this does not mean that you have stereotypes of fashion that you see every day, it just means that you know what is good.

18. Coats Cloth

Of course, the layers are dramatic, but if you want a really dramatic look that will attract the attention of the whole room when you enter and allows you to turn heads in the street, a powdery layer is an absolute must to have.

19. Cosy Knitwear

When you feel a little less dramatic, and when you want your clothes to keep you warm, the mesh should be your choice. This fall has brought us many different designs and you should be happy to know they are all quite comfortable.

20. Fall Colors

Apart from white, no special surprises this year, just to get the right shade. Naturally, burnt orange and olive green and the army should be based on its autumn palette, and you have to climb your way up from there with the dusty purple, various shades of gray and ocher brown tones.