How to lose 10 pounds in a week diet plan ?

20 effective ways to lose 10 pounds in 3 weeks

Weight loss has become a thorny issue of confusion, conflicting information and myths. Before you know it, you’re in the fast food of course from hell and nowhere! the sustainable weight loss is not a fad diet or a program, it is a lifestyle. With these 20 proven tips for weight loss, you can lose 10 pounds in 3 weeks. Best of all, you agree to continued progress every week!

1. The golden rule: calories in calories compared to

This fact can not simply be set aside – to lose weight, you must burn more calories than you consume.

Use tools to help track and measure your daily intake and Tapering slowly. Start by 500kcal or smaller steps until a consistent weekly loss is observed.

Never go dangerously low, eat well below 1200-1600 can stop your progress and harm your health!

2. Set realistic goals and monitor your progress

The achievement of each goal will help you boost, so be realistic and start small. An example of an easy goal to achieve progress:

– Lose weight every week

– Lose 1-3 pounds per week

– Lose 10 pounds in three weeks

– Adjust the size 30 jeans!

3. Consider skipping breakfast

Breakfast is generally considered the most important meal of the day, however, is not in terms of weight loss.

Intermittent fasting can be a very useful tool for fat loss. Limited to a small meal skipping breakfast and eating only 12-8pm window. You will reduce your daily calorie intake without restricting their lunch and dinner!

4. Drink more water (especially before meals)

Drink water an hour before eating two tested for weight loss benefits:
-24 A 30% improvement in metabolism for 1-1.5 hours after ingestion
Likely -Increase consume fewer calories further claims that weight loss

5. Make your new best friend Coffee

Coffee has gotten a bad reputation in the past, however, be aware that the quality of coffee is rich in antioxidants and beneficial for weight loss.

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The caffeine content will increase your body’s metabolism up to 10%, leading to an increase of 10-29% in order to burn fat. Take it black, no sugar added!

6. green tea His second best friend

Green tea provides a small dose of caffeine but is rich in catechins wonderful. These antioxidants work with caffeine burns fat in perfect harmony!

7. Always check for added sugar

Sugar showed annoyingly strong links with obesity, diabetes and heart disease (to name a few).

But even if you add yourself, you should check the ingredients in their sauces and packaged foods. health food, even the self-proclaimed can be screened sugar!

8. Cut the simple carbs

Simple carbs / sugars are absorbed quickly, spiking your blood sugar and insulin in the blood in the process. Accordingly, hunger and anxiety to return soon feel!

Avoid all sugar or refined grains to avoid the following foods:

-cookies, Candies
-Packaged cereals
-White Bread and rice

9. reduce portion sizes

Worth Realize how much you eat, portion control and exercise gradually reduce the scale.

Even a small drop of 10-20% are often enough to tip the balance and trigger weight loss. Try to measure your portions more careful and not underestimate the power of using smaller bowls!

10. Maintain a healthy diet Meanwhile Pilas

The power of temptation is strong, why not eliminate completely?

Only keep handy healthy snacks, then you will not be able to binge on junk food! Here are some healthy ideas to fill your wardrobe:

all fruit
-Handful Nuts
hard -eggs
plants that are

11. spice up your life

Breathe new life into their dishes and enhance their weight loss efforts with the power of cayenne pepper! Capsaicin cayenne pepper and other spicy foods helps ramp up metabolism and decrease appetite.

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12. Load your protein intake

protein foods not only keep you full longer, but consume more energy during digestion. Studies have shown that the exchange of calories for Whey protein supplements can increase weight loss, while increasing muscle mass!

In addition, here are a number of sources of protein foods:

lean beef
chicken breasts -Skinless
-Yogur Lowfat

13. balance your diet with complex carbohydrates

The consumption of complex carbohydrates produce a sustainable energy release and maintain sugar levels in the blood manageable. You can easily keep hunger and cravings distance with these complex carbohydrates rich in nutrients:

plants that are
Brown rice
-Beans And vegetables

14. forget fast food

No matter how healthy it may claim to be, fast food is almost always loaded with trans fats that clog the heart, sugar and excess salt.

Even worse, these foods are high in calories, while low in nutritional value, so a bad choice for fuel. Before you know it, you have broken the golden rule of calories in calories on the front!

15. Beware of “hidden calories”

No need to give your favorite seasonings completely, just make sure you are aware of their caloric impact true. It’s easy to go overboard and deny much of your hard work!

They go easy with the following condiments and seasonings, are surprisingly heavy in calories:

-Aderezo salad

16. Choose foods low average IG
High GI food sources cause sugar levels to shoot, the resulting insulin spike actually stimulate the storage of fat dreaded!

Check the GI scale and choose foods with a low GI environment. Your insulin levels remain under control, you will feel full longer and it is easier to lose weight!

17. During choose weightlifting Cardio

Weight training burns a significant amount of calories, keeping strong, fit and healthy in the process. It is more effective than cardio for reshaping the body as it helps to preserve the essential muscle while you lose weight.

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Studies have also shown a significant increase in metabolic rate during and after your workout by increasing support your efforts to lose weight!

Choose a routine that uses compound exercises like presses, squats and deadlifts. These exercises use many muscles for movement, ideal for maintaining lean muscle and trim fat.

18. Walking and cycling

small consistent actions soon add up to big changes. For this reason, why not choose to walk or bike whenever you can? You burn more calories as you go about your day without the need for new food restrictions.

You can burn more calories as the day progresses, without further restriction of food. If you have no excuse fitness, take the stairs on the escalators and elevators!

19. Get enough sleep

Sleep is very underrated for weight loss. Forget the minimum demand of 6 hours, many of us need 8-9 hours to operate with maximum efficiency.

The duration and quality of sleep have a great influence on the hormones that control body composition. In fact, lack of sleep showed disturbing links to obesity, which increases the risk in adults of 55%!

20. Beware of liquid calories!

We all know that alcohol dehydrates and damages the liver and kidneys. But it can also thwart weight loss efforts as an unexpected source of calories.

You might be surprised to learn a beer can amount to 150kcal, 125kcal for a glass of red wine and a huge 400 kcal for one sweet pina colada! Instead, try to stick to tonic water with a lemon slice, your body will thank you!

So there you have 20 simple lifestyle tips that will help you achieve a healthy weight loss. Take everything that can and will easily lose 10 or more pounds in 3 weeks!