How to lose belly fat at home in a week ?

How to lose belly fat

Take heart, there is a very effective way to lose the strategy of belly fat, but may have to loosen some old preconceptions. Note that in this article I refer specifically fat loss compared to the total weight loss (fat, muscle and water).

How to Lose Belly Fat – The Guide

The strategy involves both diet and exercise – nothing new. However, this involves two unique ways to go.

Diet – Being fat burner
low carb nutrition is the most effective way to lose body fat weight.


Basically, the body burns energy in the following order:

1. Carbohydrates (foods and stored glycogen)

2. Grease (food and fat)

3. Protein (food and muscle tissue)

If you eat what most government guidelines recommend that you eat, you are a carb-burner. Then it becomes clear that to become a fat burner, you must remove the main power source currents ie carbohydrates.

By doing this, your body takes a few days to return a “metabolic switch” and become a machine to burn fat. At that time, the fat you eat is consumed first, and then start burning body fat as your primary energy source. obviously it is not consume large amounts of fat, and no need to go to zero carbs for benefit. anything less than 100 grams of carbohydrates per day is considered “low carb,” but ideally less than 60 grams would produce great results.

In low-fat diets (which by nature are high carbohydrate diets), when they went their calories from food ”, the body will burn a mixture of fat and muscle tissue (protein). Since muscle is “metabolically active” – ??burns calories throughout the day just by being there – the loss is a disaster for the dieter Your metabolism will slow down continuously over time ..

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This is one of the main reasons why diets low fat often produce temporary results: lose weight for a while, but then stops working (as your metabolism has crashed) and accumulate again – and then some more!

Loads and loads of cardio, right? False.

Overdoing cardiovascular exercise also put your body in a state in which muscle tissue (catabolism) is broken. So the question is, how do we complete our nutritional strategy for burning fat with exercise to burn fat.

It is called “Interval Training” or more precisely “Drive by high intensity intervals.” The idea is to make some kind of cardiovascular exercise in “jerks” namely a period of low intensity, followed by a period of higher intensity.


Research shows that this type of work burns more fat than cardio steady state, usually about 50%. In fact, one study showed an increase of 9 times the fat loss for the interview compared to cardio low average intensity.

Furthermore, with regard to belly fat, in particular, research has shown (although the reason is not known at this time) that HIIT can produce more fat loss in this area than in other parts from the body. An Australian study found that HIIT group lost 3 times more fat and abdominal fat significantly more than the group steady state cardio exercises really twice as long!

The best news is that HIIT should only be done for 10-20 minutes at a time.

We hope you can see that these unique approaches to food and nutrition will work together to produce a really effective fat loss:

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1. Get your body to burn fat for energy.

2. Next, add exercise you will use as much fat as possible.