15 Unconventional Ways To Lose Weight Quickly

Despite what some people are trying to tell us, weight loss is a difficult process that requires time and effort, especially if you do it properly. In fact, your goal should be to lose fat, not just weight, since many crash diets will cause your body to lose a lot of water weight and even catabolize a significant amount of muscle in the process. In fact, you want to maintain muscle mass as much as possible, because the more muscle you have the more your metabolism will be and the more calories your body burns just to keep all the muscle mass.

Therefore, we need to look at the slow and steady weight loss tactic but not only boil down to the gym and count your calories as there are a wide variety of psychological and physiological factors involved. You can contribute significantly to weight loss in a number of unexpected ways, and get great results without getting stuck in a rut and feeling miserable.

1. Get or make a standing table

Most people think of full exercise when it comes to burning calories, but the simple fact of getting up instead of sitting can help you burn 50 extra calories per hour. Using a permanent home office will make you spend an extra 3-4 hours of standing, which means up to 200 extra calories burned per day.

2. Drink some black coffee

Black coffee is great because virtually no calories to worry about – no sugar added – so it can be a great substitute for high-calorie drinks. It also suppresses your appetite to some extent, and consuming a good amount of caffeine can worry you, causing fidget and moving more. This spontaneous mild physical activity can help burn about 100 calories more per day.

3. Do not leave drinks sitting on the living room table or an office

Now you are already higher and worried about the energy boost that coffee gives, but it is a good idea to add a little more movement throughout the day as it will burn calories and help To prevent pain and it sits too much discomfort. A simple tactic is to go to the kitchen and pour a glass of water or a drink in the refrigerator every time you are thirsty – no extra drinks sitting around the table near you. Finally, you are thirsty and have to move.

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4. Spend more time in the kitchen and cook most of your meals

We can never be sure of what food we get in fast food restaurants, and only one thing is certain: they are high in calories and fat. When cooking for yourself can control what is going on in your food, and you can do it yourself. Forget about weight loss boring recipes, and focus on adding lots of vegetables and lean meats to your meals, and throw in a good amount of healthy fats such as olive oil or butter. The extra work is spent moving and food preparation also means a few more calories burned.

5. Eat more protein

Protein is a key component of muscle tissue, and you need to eat enough to allow the body to maintain muscle mass as the diet down and start burning more calories. However, old bodybuilding recommendations are not valid, and you can get good results with 1.5 to 1.8 grams per kilogram of body weight. Another good thing is that protein has a high thermal effect – some of the calories are burned while digested – and can make you feel more full compared to foods high in fat or high in carbohydrates.

6. Go to bed early

Going to bed has two main objectives:

– It prevents you from eating extra snacks at night
– Fact that you get plenty of sleep

A good night’s sleep will really help the body function properly, leading to better weight loss, compared to losing sleep on a consistent basis.

7. Dance with music every night

Music has a significant influence on the human psyche, and can help us relax. Not only does the music dance when you have a few minutes of time alone helps reduce stress, which helps control emotional diet but it is also the most fun you can have while burning a decent amount of calories . Let yourself go and break a sweat listening to some of their favorite toons every night as it will make a big difference.

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8. Start meditating for 10 minutes a day

One of the best ways to get stress and anxiety under control is through regular meditation. This is a great option for those who really like not dancing, but you will lose the benefits of burning calories. Ten minutes of meditation a day can help you stay on track with your healthy eating habits and stay motivated to lose weight.

9. Spend less time in the gym

It seems a bit paradoxical, but listen to me on this point. A recent study has shown that shorter sprint exercises can burn the same amount of calories as long a career and prolonged at a slower pace. However, there is a catch – reducing training time means you will need to increase the intensity. You may need to use some sort of dietary supplement to help give you the energy to go through intense exercise, preferably something natural and proven ingredients, but can also eat more carbohydrates before training and a cup Of strong coffee.

10. Make every effort to keep your home impeccable

While the previous point requires some physical and mental preparation, because it is really hard work, there are lighter physical activities that they do not really seem to exercise, but still help you stay in shape. Housework burn a decent amount of calories, are more dynamic than using a stationary bike, and have additional benefits, namely, your home is clean and tidy, which in turn helps to improve your concentration.

11. Drink a few glasses of water 10 minutes before a meal

Drinking plenty of water throughout the day is important for good health, but studies have also confirmed that some weight loss wisdom – drinking one or two glasses of water before a meal makes you eat less.

12. Try to imitate a lean friend’s feeding patterns

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A weight loss strategy that has worked very special for me in the past, and for many others, as well, is to imitate the eating habits of one of his skinny friends. Choose a friend who has physique that is close to where you want to be and try to eat as they eat. Professional advice: never imitate a friend who has more than 20 to 30 pounds more weight than you, because you risk dropping your calories too low.

13. Stop watching TV or play with the phone while eating

We all know how easy it is to let go of eating a lot by watching TV or scrolling your Facebook feed and, but there have been several studies showing a clear link between eating and gaining distracted weight. By eating in silence and focusing on what you do, you can eat up to 69% less food than if you were watching TV.

14. Fill your fridge and pantry with low-calorie snacks

Here is a simple fact that will do wonders for your weight loss efforts: you can not eat random calorie snacks if you do not have them readily available. Is too much trouble to go to the store just because you have a bit of a whim, and you will end up eating much healthier snack alternatives that happen to be hanging out when you are hungry.

15. Change in strong alcohol

Now, do not take this as an excuse to go ahead and drink yourself stupid, but it is a much better idea to drink hard alcohol if you are on a diet. Even those who drink in moderation seek to get a little buzz, and strong alcoholic beverages such as whiskey, tequila, vodka or rakia take you there with much less total liquid consumed. Tequila is a very good choice, as it has been shown to contain ingredients that can help with weight loss. This means you can shave a few hundred calories from your total intake over the festive night – just avoid cocktails and drink their alcohol right and in moderation.