9 tips that you really should do when you want to lose weight fast

Weight loss is a tricky subject for most people. Speaking as someone who has had to deal with weight problems, I can say at the moment which is both very simple and very difficult to do business, much less reach a way healthy and effective. I went from a skinny teenager – from 130 pounds on my first day in high school of 140 pounds by the end of it – to shoot all the way up to 205 pounds in my third year of college after leaving smoke and began to spend more time in homes with books, all the way back to a relatively meager number 165 packing books on a little more muscle.

This was one hell of a trip, and still needs a lot more work to reach my original goal of adapting to a lean and muscular 170. I tell you all this because I want you to know that I understand how different weight loss goals can be for people and some require drastic measures to achieve. Right now I am all about taking things slowly, but when I pulled past 200 pounds, knew he had to start the whole process and get serious results within 3-4 months.

With a lot of sacrifice and a strict diet, I managed to lose 13 pounds in a little over a month (some of them being the weight of the water), and then I cut a few things and pay the remaining 22 extra pounds of fat (and a little muscle I must admit) in about 6 months. These rapid results early really help you to stay motivated, but there are many things to consider if you want to run it effectively.

1. Forget about the rewards and deceit, their reward is to be fit

If you take the plunge and start a workout regimen that allows you to lose weight fast, you need to develop the right mindset. The loss of a solid 10-15 pounds of fat during 4-6 months can be done at a slow and steady pace, with enough room to make you feel at ease. if you want to get the same results within 6 weeks, however, you must be willing to make great sacrifices and be very uncomfortable for a while.

It should not be rewarded with a big bowl of ice cream after a week of successful diet, or make your Sunday fast food because they eat slow progress. Think what you will get if you stick strictly to the program, and let the attractive reflection in the mirror is their reward and motivation.

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2. Do not set arbitrary limits, calories simply counting and protein intake

Although lifestyle changes simple life can be small enough to put in a deficit of 300-400 calories per day, you will never need to lose a significant amount of weight this way. Switching to diet soda, replacing one junk food meal a day with a large salad, do not eat beyond 19:00 to walk an hour a day and make a 10 minute break in the morning are all major strategies for someone He has problems with the last rebels 10 pounds of fat, but for fast results, they need a huge deficit.

You will need a deficit of more than 25% of total maintenance calories for fast results, and this means being careful while you say. Using just smaller and reduce the portion size of about a third of the dishes you can guess, but it is better to turn calories a little more precision. You want to ensure that many of these calories come from protein, to avoid losing large amounts of muscle mass along with fat. at least 1.6 g protein per kg body weight is required, but preferably from about 2 g per kg, about 1 g per pound, when a very restricted diet.

3. Take care of your gut

Our intestinal flora has a large number of bacteria, and most of them are really useful. They help us digest food and keep the stomach healthy, but there are also other types of bacteria that can have a negative effect on our health. The balance of these bacteria can also determine if we have trouble losing weight or not. It is important to ensure that your diet is not only composed of nutritious food, but also take in a good amount of healthy probiotics with their meals. With its gut works as a well oiled machine, you’ll be able to lose weight a little faster – will not burn twice as many calories, but you will definitely notice an improvement over the course of several weeks.

4. Train maximum strength, but not too much

It is absolutely necessary to the formation of the force, preferably using heavy barbell and dumbbell exercises. If you do not have access to a gym, exercise, body weight and slap on a heavy backpack to add resistance or make them more difficult variations you become stronger. The goal is to have your body, in no uncertain terms, you need all those muscles on a regular basis, therefore burns primarily fat. The idea of ??doing many repetitions of “cutting” or “tone” of muscles, for example 15 to 25 repetitions per set, is a huge mistake – the muscles can grow or become smaller, and the amount of fat that are buried determines how far you can actually see the muscles.

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However, you should do more work to stimulate the muscles and then leave because they simply do not have enough power to properly recover from a hard workout or calories to the muscles actually grow more. The aim is to preserve muscle mass and pump up your metabolism, so that two training sessions a whole body of the week, or make less World Series are the preferred strategy here.

5. Keep moving, jumping and running

It is possible to maintain a large calorie deficit simply by diet, but it is much easier and healthier for all you can burn through cardiovascular training. If you need to cut 1000 calories, it is best to make sure you burn by approximately 300-400 with training, so that all you need to cut another 600-700 calories from your diet.

daily walks, climbing stairs and cleaning the house are large low-intensity activities, while jumping rope, running, aerobics and type of martial arts training are good moderate intensity activities. You can find something fun that you calls and allows you to measure your progress more clearly, but just keep moving the body.

6. Drink plenty of water before meals, and snack on fruits and vegetables

A dirty little advice is to drink several glasses of water 20-30 minutes before each meal, so that your stomach is full and can not eat as much. A glass of water is also a great way to suppress hunger pangs, but if you really feel like any pizza eater, then eat a couple of blocks, carrots or a simple salad. Dietary fiber helps keep hunger away, and these “snacks” will not have a lot of calories.

7. Take all the junk food trying to leave the house

This is a very important piece of wisdom you need to start using now – you can not be tempted to get a soda bottle in the fridge, so all you have in the fridge are vegetables, lean meats and other healthy foods low. to the content You will purge your home of all snacks, soft drinks and junk food from day one, and fill the fridge and cupboards with healthy food choices with children.

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8. Always have options for fast food and simple easily available

The recommendation that always enough ingredients to prepare a meal in about 2 minutes may seem cons-intuitive when it comes to weight loss, but there is a method to the madness. You see, the problem with healthy food is that you must be prepared, which takes time. Of course, you can prepare in advance and store in a plastic container, but sooner or later will be tempted to make only a sandwich or take out.

If you have any chicken breast, oatmeal and frozen fruit precooked, a potato can be cooked in the microwave vegetables or pre-cut mixed in a container, you can prepare a snack in minutes and turn off the hunger before it’s out of control. Even a few bites may be enough to calm and help fight against the urge to steal a fast food restaurant.

9. Remember to stabilize a sustainable maintenance regime

These are all very important tips to cut a lot of fat quickly, but remember that this type of extreme diets are not sustainable in the long run and you can not just go back to your old eating habits after 2 to 3 months loss initial rapid weight. Once you have reached the original goal, it’s time to buckle down, calculating maintenance calories, balance food and junk healthy meals – 80-90% and 10- 20% of healthy foods is undesirable the best solution – and reinforce your new habits.

If you want to lose weight quickly, these tips will help you achieve your goal with the least problems, but understand that you can not get the body you want, then rest and relax. Fitness long form is put in the work every week and regulate their pace, and this requires a lot of small changes in lifestyle, but start your weight loss with something a little more extreme can be the both healthy and motivating if done correctly.