Having a lucid dream without waking up

Have you ever wondered what it would be to control your mind and influence your dreams? To experience things during sleep that you are afraid or can not in real life, like kissing his favorite actress, fly, be a hero, or simply evaluate different solutions to their problems of real life? Maybe you want to remember your dreams better?

It is understandable that you do. Assuming that sleep 8 hours a night, you spend a third of your life sleeping! Would not it be great if you knew how your brain uses this time and knew how to control the process to try new things and bring positive results to your life? Lucid dreaming is what you need.

Lucid dreaming is being aware of dreams during sleep. This usually occurs when the dreamer feels something strange that actually makes your question; They realize they are in a dream. Over the dreamer realizes he or she is dreaming, the more he or she can consciously influence dream content.

However, learning lucid dreaming requires some practice. If there is a fast track, it is by increasing levels of acetylcholine – which regulates REM sleep, allowing you to fulfill your dreams. Onnits supplement alpha brain does a great job of doing that. But more on that later …

Benefits of Lucid Dreaming

• Live your fantasies •

Your dreams become more vivid if you practice lucid dreaming. By “live” means more realistic and easier to remember. He could satisfy his fantasies like flying over your hometown, Kissing Jessica Alba, talking with deceased parents or a number of things. The only limit is your imagination, and you can do what you want in your dreams. Is not that amazing?

• easier • Reconciling sleep

Lucid dreaming can help insomnia. When you are able to control their dreams nightmares occur less often, which may improve your sleep quality

• You feel revived all day •

After a lucid dream relaxing, reality becomes easier to deal with. Also you tend to be more courageous when faced with difficult situations in life.

• Find solutions to real life •

You can try different solutions to problems in their dreams. For example, you can check how you will feel after having a difficult conversation with someone who is important to you or even the practice of giving a speech to an audience. You can practice whatever is stressing you.

What dreams do they work?

Our dreams are a combination of verbal stimuli, visual and emotional developed into a story line, which is often broken and meaningless, but it is still fascinating. When you sleep, the brain goes through five stages of sleep, which takes about 90-110 minutes, including a sleep cycle.

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Phase I alpha

alpha-phase occurs in the moments just after he slept, when it starts to fall asleep. Its body temperature decreases, the heart rate slows down and breathing becomes heavy. You may experience involuntary muscle contractions during this phase, if you are under stress.

This brief phase, which lasts about 10 minutes before falling and sleep and just before we wake up is like daydreaming, between sleep and wakefulness. During this stage several minutes of sleep and wakefulness is programmed, storing important information from now on will be in your energy field. We also went to the alpha state during meditation or when we let our imagination free – ex. for painting, writing, music.

Phase II Theta

It is the sleep stage that can be easily identified. In fact, you may not be aware that we are not even sleeping. It is also easy to fall asleep again. We can still remember our dreams between alpha and theta, and have a direct relationship with the dreams that we design in the alpha phase.

, Phases III Delta IV

The state of deep sleep, it takes 30 minutes to start again, and we do not remember our dreams at this stage. at this stage, 30 minutes that go into a deeper phase of the delta, where it becomes very difficult to wake up. We are fully aware of our dreams at this stage. Our hearts begin to beat more slowly, breathing slows and the brain shows low activity, similar to being in a coma.


normally entered REM (Rapid Eye Movement) about 90 minutes after falling asleep. That’s why we need long periods of sleep each night. During REM sleep our muscles weaken and lose our ability to respond, but our brain and spinal cord remain active. EEG readings during this stage appear similar to those recorded during the previous day. Coming out of the state in which you will remember your dreams exactly. Once EMN often return to the second sleep stage is completed.

If you get only short periods of sleep, you really can not go through the steps needed to heal and stay healthy. If it feels like a dream takes time, it is. Dreams are always as they seem. So how can you make better use of sleep stages the brain and the body pass through each night and begin lucid dreaming?

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8 ways you can Lucid Dream Tonight

Tip 1: Keep a dream journal

Keep a journal and pen next to your bed so you can immediately record your dreams. Every morning, spend a few minutes to write their dreams and write every detail, he remembers before waking up. It will help you identify trends in your dreams and better when you realize you are dreaming. Look for things that appear regularly in your dreams. When you learn to notice these signs of sleep, it will be easier for you to recognize when you are dreaming.

After recording your daily schedule will realize that your dreams help you remember and increasing intensity. You will experience the most spontaneous lucidity ..

Tip 2: Try supplements that increase the most vivid dreams acetylcholine levels

The studies on supplements stimulate acetylcholine reveal an interesting side effect: vivid dreams, often lucid. The researchers studied the results and found that acetylcholine is responsible for the regulation of REM sleep. The higher your level of acetylcholine, REM cycle performance the most persistent and wide.

My favorite is the ONNIT alpha brain supplement. It is one of the most powerful supplements and high-quality nutrients that enhance acetylcholine available basis, and the results I have received is amazing!

Tip 3: Increase your melatonin levels

A small organ in the brain called the pineal gland produces melatonin and melatonin regulates the sleep-wake cycle. Links on our environment in different parts of our body and makes it easier for us to sleep at night and stimulates our consciousness during the day. High levels of melatonin positively affect the quality of our dreams and influence the success of lucid dreaming.

You can increase melatonin:

• Sleep in complete darkness

• Go to sleep and wake at the same time each day

• Eat more foods that stimulate the production of melatonin, such as light and dark mustard, almonds, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, and cherries. In addition, although less rice, oats, red radishes, bananas, tomatoes.

Tip 4: Meditate before bed

There is a significant link between meditation and lucid dreaming. In both cases, your goal is to achieve self-awareness pleasant. Meditation is thoughtless; only feel, feel, see and hear.

You can meditate at any time and in any position you feel comfortable. To achieve lucid dreaming I recommend meditating a few minutes in bed, just before going to sleep.

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Close your eyes and make sure your body is relaxed. Stand still and let your mind drift. Now, feel the breath entering and leaving the body. Do not interact with it or think about something else. Feel the vibration enters the mouth, the note from the stomach up and down with breathing. Just enjoy your own existence with a full presence.

You may experience hypnagogic interesting sensations of floating, emergent auditory hallucinations or dream scenes.

Tip 5: Tell yourself to remember your dreams before going to sleep

Tell yourself you want to dream; You want to be aware that you dream and you want to remember. Repeat like a mantra before going to sleep, “I lucid dream tonight.” Ask your brain to realize when you are dreaming, especially during the pre-sleep.

Tip 6: make reality checks

reality checks are related to activities that can be made in real life. The review of the most common reality is trying to pinch during sleep. When pinching during sleep does not feel pain. You can also put your finger on the palm of the opposite hand. If possible, it means that you crave.

My favorite is the check write a word in my hand. Enter a word in hand. For example, your name and watch regularly. By developing this habit in your dreams, you will not see this sign and you know you are dreaming. First, realize that you dream can be scary and awake, but later just made you aware that it is time to “surf” their dreams.

Tip 7: Be aware of special items

When you dream attention to mirrors, book titles, the face of the watch. Usually they are blurred in dreams, then watch them for a day will help you recognize when you are dreaming. To develop a habit of paying attention to these special items, watch a lot when you are awake.

Tip 8: Set the alarm half an hour earlier than normal

setting the alarm a little earlier than necessary, so that can go back to sleep, because it is very likely disturbed REM sleep.

Make sure that your body gets a good diet, regular exercise, lots of relaxation and good management, quality 7-9 hours a day dedicated just to sleep. There are many useful methods for achieving lucid dreams, but living a healthy life these methods will never work to their full potential.