Making butter at home and spice

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a piece of butter makes everything taste better. Think, hot crispy wafers, floating in a ditch butter and honey; a dosa with its warm folds, slathered in butter crusted; Mumbai iconic sandwich, grease, butter and delicious; fresh from the sea and smooth with garlic butter shrimp; a Chapatti with his steaming puddle of butter (and perhaps a pinch of sugar).

Making butter

Traditionally, butter was made using a butter churn wooden pallets had to be laboriously hand convert. Fortunately, nowadays, it is very easy and takes almost no time at all. My mother, who is the expert in making butter resident, told me that all you need is a blender, plenty of ice cream at room temperature. In a large bowl, deep face, Malai empty (which skims the cream on top of whole milk every day). Add lots of ice cubes and then beat, beat, beat with an egg beater or electric mixer on medium speed. After about five minutes, the fat and whey to separate: the fat (butter) will increase on the sides and clear liquid (whey) will pool at the bottom. Then strain the fat with a cheese cloth and squeeze to ensure that every drop of liquid whey is removed. If desired, you can wash the butter with cold water several times, which will help to ensure removal of whey.

Then my mother usually amasses salted butter, which helps preserve, but depending on what you can cook with it, you can leave without salt. This will spoil more quickly, so do it if you know it will end within weeks.

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Its yellow bouquet of homemade butter will have a fresh, unctuous, with slightly spicy nuances mouth. The butter will be much lighter than those sold in the shop, which is as it should be.


Once you have your portion of butter, you can add all kinds of flavors to it. One of the most unusual and tasty combinations is vanilla butter. This is a ridiculously simple recipe was one of my favorite books, Heston Blumenthal at home. What you need is unsalted butter at room temperature and four to five fresh vanilla pods. Cut the pod lengthwise, scrape out the seeds, then mix with the butter using a hand mixer. I pour a small lake that around a savory steak, fried fish and it was excellent.

parsley butter is also very simple to do. Melt unsalted butter in a saucepan, add fillet of lemon juice, finely chopped parsley, salt and a pinch of mustard and mix in a blender. delicious taste parsley butter drizzled on grilled, fried and grilled fish, chicken and even beef.

If you are a little messy, then try to make whole grilled chicken with it. It’s a bit tedious, but absolutely worth it. I together ,, marinated raw chicken skin and gently loosened. Then I put butter tablespoons parsley under the loose skin, add a new layer of butter on the outside and a jump in the oven to roast. The meat was tender and juicy, drawers skin.

Blumenthal gives recipes for all variants of butter – butter tart with vinegar and wine, blue cheese butter, sour cream, even made with fresh cream butter and cream cheese. Think of butter as a blank canvas; you can add what she likes – peppers, thyme, paprika, lemon, orange, apple, coriander, mushrooms, wine, bacon, anchovies, whatever! You can even change the cooking butter. Perhaps a schezwan butter made with vinegar, soy sauce and chili peppers? It can be served with fish or slab plenty of leafy green vegetables.

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How your brown butter

brown butter (the so-called French hazelnut butter) is a good way to add complexity and richness of their dishes without much additional effort. It sounds complicated, but it is actually butter is heated until dark. You can add to risotto, popcorn, vegetables, fruit poached in pie fillings, chocolate biscuits etc.

Now I’ll tell you how to use the brown butter in a classic French dish – Sole Meuniere. It sounds intimidating, but not all; Perfect to impress friends and family.

Take a fillet of flatfish and rub with salt and pepper, dredge in flour and cook lightly in a mixture of oil and butter until golden brown. Now for the beurre noisette, take the fish from the pan, and put a stick of butter in the same pan. Let melt and bubble over low heat and continue beating until lightly browned. Caution: Butter turns orange at once, so do not take your eyes off her. When finished, remove from heat (that cooking will remain), tension if you like, squeeze the lemon juice and add the parsley, then pour over the top of the net. Voila!