Making beautiful chalk board paint

If you thought that the tables are useful only in the classroom, think again. Chalkboard paint is gaining popularity due to its ease of use and practicality of fantasy. If you paint in the pots, furniture or walls, or use it to add novelty to the table of your child, chalkboard paint has found many uses around the home as well.

For example, you can apply chalkboard paint on part of his home office wall to create a pleasant writing, clean surface for writing your lists of things to do. You can also cover part of the kitchen wall with blackboard paint to serve as the ideal place to leave a friendly reminder to everyone not to forget to turn off the stove. In addition, you can paint a portion of the chimney to write meaningful quotes and make the focal point of a room fireplace again.

There’s really no ideas for the shortage location and use tables to the perfect house if you put some thought into it. While formulas paintings we purchased in retail stores, traditionally only come in black and green, painting house paint may be the color you want. Here’s how to make an impressive slate painting at home in five easy steps DIY:
The things you need for work:

1. Grout tile spray, not sanded
2. latex paint color you want
3. Paint the bowl or mixing bucket
4. sponge brush or roller
5. paint shaker or a drill mixer accessory

Step 1: Mix latex paint and sanded grout not
Mix latex paint and sanded grout not paint a cup or bucket. Using a ratio of one part of suspension to eight parts paint. If you want to paint a small area, mixing small quantities of paint and grout, grout two tablespoons for every cup of latex paint.

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If you paint a larger surface, mix a cup of grout with a paint half gallon. You can use a paint mixer in an electric drill and a five-gallon bucket to combine larger amounts. Be sure to stir well until the mixture is smooth to prevent visible particles appear on the map.

Step 2: Prepare the surface
Prepare the surface to be painted. surface preparation is important because it will give better results and may cause the paint job last longer. Clean the surface thoroughly to remove any dirt or imperfections.

Start cleaning at the top of the wall or other surface (plaster, metal, wood, etc.) and work down, then rinse the entire surface thoroughly after washing. If not rinsed properly, the soap residue can prevent paint from adhering properly.

Step 3: Apply the paint slate
Apply your home slate painting. Use a sponge brush or roller. Start with a small section of the surface and spend more time with the brush. Progresses slowly from your starting point to cover the entire surface. For best results, paint at least two layers in each direction for complete coverage.

Step 4: Let the paint dry
Let the paint dry on the surface. The paint starts to dry when applied, but should allow the painted surface dry for three days before use as slate.

Step 5: packaging board
Once the painted surface is completely dry, prepare your slate to draw: Rub chalk over the entire surface of the board, and then wipe the chalk with a cloth or a slightly damp paper towel.

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