10 best recipes Chicken Salad

Salads never cease to delight. Whether an afternoon hot summer or just another day when you feel like something fresh and healthy. They are crisp, light on the stomach and a colorful feast for the eyes tired. They are also extremely versatile and dynamic. In fact, one of the most fascinating things of salads is the fact that there are no fixed rules to prepare. You have a variety of vegetables to choose from a long list of tangy sauces and play a mixture of spices wonder to explore. You can also throw some fruit in the mix for a healthier meal.

The two most important ingredients are presented in a salad of vegetables and chicken. Chicken is widely used in salads worldwide. Whether Oriental or exotic salads simple and hearty continental. Health experts also argued along the combination of chicken and vegetables.

health and nutrition expert, Dr. Shikha Sharma explains in his book “101 Weight Loss Tips” how certain combinations of foods can wreak havoc on our health. According to the book, carbohydrates should never be associated with protein-rich foods. Instead, it should be used with vegetables for a healthy and nutritious diet that contributes to weight loss.

According to the expert in weight control compared aDelhi, Gargi Sharma, “chicken salad works great for those on a diet. A diet rich in protein is absolutely essential for those who exercise and the need to replenish energy lost and build muscle tone. I often suggest to my clients to go for a light dinner which mainly include chicken salad with soup. ”

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There are so many ways to add the chicken salad. Grilled, baked or simply boil and leave the rest to your creativity. boiled chicken loses its protein content and to make up for it, you can try adding nuts, linseed and sunflower not only adds depth to the antenna, but also gives a ratio greater contraction.

So go ahead and loosen the reins of his imagination. Cook a light salad with vegetables fresh garden, crunchy nuts, succulent chicken pieces and your favorite dressing to seal the deal. If you need inspiration, we fished our best chicken salad recipes around the world. Gorge on a delicious Asian sesame chicken salad or give basic ingredients with a good release of the chicken pieces to evoke a healthy breakfast, classic salad.

Sesame chicken salad 1. Asia

2. Pasta Salad with Asparagus Vinaigrette

3. Salad Breakfast

4. Natasha Salad

5. roast chicken, mashed potatoes and salad tomatoes Black

6. Chicken Salad with Plums

7. Chicken Pasta Salad

8. Insalata Di Pollo

9. Caesar Salad

10. Coronation Chicken