Cooking Chicken Stock at Home

Chicken with the tastiest body takes hours to make on the stove-general. This is a shortcut that does not compromise quality: add gelatin packets without flavor ingredients have values and action in less than an hour.

In his immense and very informative new book, The Power Laboratory, severe food “J. Kenji Lopez-Alt explains that the chicken gets its body and texture of chicken connective tissue. When heated, the collagen in the connective tissue is gelatin, but it is a chemical process that takes hours.

Kenji scientific shortcut? Add the packaged item available Jell-O gelatin finely comminuted chicken channels (in particular, the back and wings pulverized in a food processor) and other ingredients of standard chicken broth, such as water, onion, celery.

45 minutes cooking time to browse more excess fat, and you have a rich and tasty chicken broth to deceive anyone think cooked for hours.

I tried this weekend and it was the fastest I’ve done the chicken house and soup.

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