Making Duct Wallet with Pockets and Coins

We have actually been tape in our house lately! It was first velcro band bracelets, and now Aidan and I had a band portfolio. There are plenty of tutorials out there for tape wallets, but I thought I would go ahead and share our summer vacation is on the horizon! Both bracelets and handbags would make great summer crafts for kids or girls.

Crafty Nest tutorial was used to our pockets.

We were so happy to find Superman, Mario, Angry Birds and tape to the target! In addition, Walmart has a larger band selection, and their prices are lower for solid colors – $ 3.37 in our store! Prices are the same for the band of characters ($ 5.99), at least in our location. Amazon Angry Birds for $ 5.50 (Amazon affiliate link), so that is another option. Also, I would say that Superman video (by Scotch) was not the same quality as the brand of duck tape. I will not buy new Scotch.

These portfolios would be a great project for age 8+ with help, depending on the child. Aidan (9.5) made a special on its own, but was a bit difficult to get the right line of the band. It was not frustrated, however, and thought it was a great project. He was showing his portfolio to everyone!

How tape wallets

For portfolios, you must:

A ruler
A knife
A cutting board or heavy cardboard to cut
A library card or a credit card for sizing
Step 1: Build the portfolio of the main body.

First, cut 4 strips of tape that are 9 inches long. The adhesive layer the saved with 1/2 inch of overlap between each piece.

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How tape wallets

Then cut 4 strips of the same length. Stick them to any fact sheet, but the beginning of 1/2 inch down from the top. This way, you shift the overlapping sections and not make the tape too thick to fold.

I chose to use a print out of the portfolio and a solid inside to save money.

How walletsFold tape on the edges. Then use the knife to cut both ends of the sheet. finishing width should be 8.5 inches and should be about 6 inches high.

How to make a purse tape

Make tape walletStep 2: Slapstick Pocket credit card

To turn off two strips of 5 inches and overlay. Then two strips 5 inches stick on the back and fold the edges, following the same procedure as the main wallet body. Trim the edges with the cutter and a rule that this pocket is 4 inches wide.

Make tape walletStep 3: Make two small credit cards.

To turn off two strips 9 inches of tape, and glue back to back. Cut this piece into two parts which are each 4 inches wide.

Make a band walletTear two tape strip to adjust the top of the bags. Fold the molding in the upper part of the bag and to reduce the additional cost.

How to walletStep 4 Tape: Assemble pockets

Place the three pockets above the other, with the large pocket at the bottom. The central pocket is not going all the way down, and that’s fine.

Use a strip of tape cut in half lengthwise for fixing.

How to make a purse tape

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Use your credit card or library card to make sure you have enough space in your pocket! You’ll probably need to have more of the suspended band over the other side – will not be evenly distributed.

How to walletStep band 5: Install portfolio

Place the fabric with the upper portion of the face outside the wallet.

Card holders a right to the top with 9-inch strip of tape torn in half lengthwise.

How to make a purse tape

Then fold the wallet in half and secure the ends with tape strips that have been torn in half lengthwise. the supplement is withdrawn.

How to make a purse tape

Add a final strip of tape at the bottom of the portfolio, and you’re done!

You can also add a transparent window for the license or identification of a driver. We have not done that since these portfolios are for young children, but check this post Crafty Nest for more information on adding the identification window. This article also has more detailed instructions if you need clarity.

How to make a purse tape

Initially, the portfolios just want to stay open, but ours flatten quickly after a while in a back pocket.

Make walletI band can not decide which is my favorite – Angry Birds one or a Mario. We also made a camo with red trim, but you do not do it in photos. They are so funny! Crafting tape is an addiction, and I say!