5 Ways To Make enough money aside to leave the last job

Obviously, if you want to quit, you have to find another way to make enough income to pay their bills, save for the future and enjoy life. But what is the best way to do this? How can you do more “side income” now so you can quit your job in the near future?

Here are five ways to make income aside your day job while working:

1. Invest in real estate.
My eyes widened first the idea of ??”passive income” after reading Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. Although not a real book, he taught me the value of owning assets that produce income, which led me to real estate. Real estate investment is not always passive, and it is not always easy, but it can be very profitable. In addition, there are hundreds of ways to invest in real estate. For example, you can:

Flip houses
rent own homes
Become a “house of hackers”
own vacation rental (AirBnB)
Rent duplex, triplex and quadruplex
Buy and rent apartment complexes
Real estate investing is my favorite way to create extra income because it works like a locomotive. It might take a little time to set up, but once it is operational, goes a long way with less effort and is difficult to stop.

2. Write a book.
Many people have dreams of writing a book, but very few do. They think that it is very difficult, because they do not know enough, do not have enough time, are not smart enough or any other excuse that can occur. But the truth is that you can write a book, and this book can help you make an extra monthly income.

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There are several paths you can follow when writing a book, and there is no “best way”. For example:

You can write a series of short books on specific topics and publish them on Kindle.
You can self-publishing through its own website and sell to your existing customers.
You could partner with a larger platform and sell your audience (like me).
It could work to be published by a (probably the hard way) major publisher.
You can record an audio book and publish it audible.
Write a book today is not as difficult as in the past, because there are many avenues with which to publish. The keys are no longer in the hands of the elite publishers in New York. The keys are in your hands.

3. The sale of a product on Amazon.
I’m a little addicted to Amazon Prime, as my local UPS driver can attest. It seems that every day I have a package or two waiting at the door – and is usually from people like you. Most of them probably never touch the product I’m buying.

It’s true: you need more have a warehouse inventory or employees to purchase products wholesale and retail. Amazon has leveled the playing field and now everyone can sell products.

A friend of mine, Chris UpFuel.com, decided to sell products on Amazon. He makes successful ideas research sales, contact a manufacturer in China and was the perfect model designed, the product was delivered to the treatment center of Amazon in the US and sells its product on the site, thousands of dollars month in revenue.

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The best part? Chris never touch not the product, and operates largely on autopilot at this stage.

4. Sell your skills.
There are chances that you are good at something in the business world. Perhaps accounting, data entry, video production or writing.

Everything good you are, there are probably people out there who are willing to pay a good price to complete this part of their business for them. Smart business owners know they need to focus on what they are good, and hire the rest. This is where you can come and make an income aside what you like.

In addition to working independently, it can also become a consultant. For example, my long friend of Joshua turned his knowledge of Infusionsoft, ClickFunnels and other marketing systems in a consulting firm itself, which helps entrepreneurs to identify opportunities within their companies.

So what are you good at? What other people are going to pay?

5. Start a blog.
Finally, a good way to make extra income can be with a blog. Although it takes time to build a following, once you have the next, there are many ways to monetize the blog.

Jeff Rose GoodFinancialCents.com, use your blog to build your authority as a certified financial planner, generate traffic and revenue for their business. At the same time, the blog allows you to get more economic benefits in other liabilities, such as affiliate marketing, online products and counseling methods.

To succeed in blogging, it is important that you:

Focus on quality content writing
Work hard to get the content that is in the world
Build your email list from day one, so that you can put these people later.
Blogging is certainly not some kind of activity “to stay at home in your underwear and make easy money.” diligence, quality and time required. However, blogs can be very rewarding.

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