10 best recipes of Indian mushrooms.

Mushrooms can easily be considered the hidden treasure of nature. It was once considered an exotic ingredient, but now qualifies as the new superfood. What is so great about them? Mushrooms are one of the few natural sources of vitamin D. They contain no fat and are a valuable source of fiber. They are also filled with selenium which are not found in most fruits and vegetables. According to a latest study, Lentinan found in shiitake mushrooms may increase the survival rate in cancer patients.

Slowly but surely, mushrooms become important in an Indian dish. All the good, as well as its unique earthy texture is enough for you to let them decorate your dinner table more often than not.

The versatility of mushrooms can work its magic in almost every dish. Not only are there a number of varieties for cooking, but the culinary possibilities are almost endless. You can choose to grill, cook, sauteed, sauteing, things, roasting or experimenting with something new. With more than 90 percent moisture content, the best way is to allow cooking mushrooms to release all moisture. Choose a pan with a large surface because it must be able to spread to moisture causes rapid evaporation.

Another thing you should keep in mind is – when to add salt? Salt is one of the most important ingredients that makes a dish comes to life. In the case of mushrooms, it is recommended that the salt at the end. If you add in the beginning, it will extract all the juices quickly and leave you with soft and tender shampoos.

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Finally, you know that this is done when the mushrooms begin to brown outdoors with the juicy inside. When preparing for curry, it is good to saute the mushrooms before adding it to the sauce. This helps to make the most of their flavors.

With our top ten Indian mushroom recipes, we have something for everyone. From aromatic curries up to Masaledar chips, the explosion of desi spices will leave excited.

1. Kombu Barthad (Mushroom Chilly Fry)

Kombu Barthad is surprisingly simple sauteed mushrooms with peppers, coconut vinegar and curry leaves. It is a coorg dish and enjoyed in large parts of Karnataka.

2. Shahi Mushroom

As princely as it sounds, this recipe gives a burst of rich deep flavors. The mushrooms of Paris, bathing in a healthy salsa with freshly prepared garam masala Shahi.

3. Kalan Milagu

A simple gloss saut├łed with black pepper mushrooms. There is a popular side of South India that is best served with hot steamed rice.

4. Mushroom Chettinad

If you are a lover of spices, this should not be missed. Chettinad Tamil Nadu is one of India’s most spicy cuisines. Mushrooms thrown with coconut, tamarind, chillies and pepper.

5. Kofta mushrooms with tomato sauce

This is a complete crowd delight with a distinctive combination of flavors. Spinach and cottage cheese with breaded and fried golden mushrooms, soaked in a hot tomato sauce and serve hot.

6. Potato and Mushroom Kebabs

This dish highlights the versatility of mushrooms. An entertaining aperitif made with potatoes, mushrooms, cottage cheese and spices, all beaten and fried little. Serve with homemade cornichon mango sauce to give it an extra kick.

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7. stuffed Dhaniya mushrooms and pepper

A quick for last minute holiday aperitif. Stuffed mushrooms stuffed mushrooms with an aromatic coriander leaves, pepper, garlic and cheese. Fresh tomato chutney dish brings live.

8. Mushroom Utthapam

This favorite South gets a new twist with the addition of mushrooms, spinach and corn.

9. Mushroom Sukhe Matar

Peas and mushrooms cooked with sweet spices. A simple recipe that releases its charm.

10. Mushroom and potatoes Xacuti

Goa a favorite with classic flavors of coconut, tamarind, kokum vinegar and Goa.