How to make friends in a new city when you’re an introvert ?

Making friends, if you are an introvert

Most introverts do not know how to make friends, and in this world where even extroverts spend more time behind a screen, socialization is increasingly difficult. You need a plan!

If you are an introvert, you probably can not understand why it is so easy for others to meet and make friends with new people, while feeling as if there is a wall between you and the fun experiences that other people. If you like to spend time alone to do things you love, do you mean that you are not allowed to socialize and have fun with people when you really want? Let’s see …

So what introverts?
The answer is simple: nothing! Introversion is one way you live your life is better or worse than extroversion.

Recently, scientists have discovered a correlation between introversion and an area of ??the brain called the amygdala, and learned that the more responsive and attentive to details that are most likely to behave in an introverted manner. This is what it means: firstly, it is likely to carry more things, get a lot of questions, and have a strong curiosity, what is good. On the other hand, it may be stressed too close to people, especially if you do not know so well.

This second fact means that your brain reacts to new situations, which stressed too! Your emotions are unleashed like he was about to be attacked by a group of bears, and this is the part of you that has to take care and improve.

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Why many introverts end solo
As we have established, social introverts detect more noise (and pressure) than extroverts. If you are an introvert, he would avoid social situations as they are drained of energy, your mind races, trying to process everything. Meanwhile, an extrovert come to a lively party and talk and move in a relaxed manner, as if they knew everyone.

The thing is, most people think that if they want to make friends, have to go out more and go where people go to socialize. That’s a good idea, but does not work for introverts most of the time, which leads just to further isolation, and avoidance. You may find yourself thinking “I tried to go to parties, and has no friends, I just pointed at me and left,” and that brings many people to give up everything and be alone for long.

How to make friends in a way that suits his nature introverted
Fortunately, there are ways you can make friends and socialize as an introvert, and here are two of them:

Avoid “social Burnout”
Being social means not being social all the time, do not spend too much time with friends if you feel stressful for you. While extroverts may spend ten consecutive days without doing anything, needs time to breathe. Give yourself desperately needed “me time” to recharge your batteries, then meet friends, when you are ready, that way you can enjoy both time with friends, and do what you want to do alone.

Revealing the silent leader Ti (in a fresh way)
When introverts think about how to make friends, many think instantly they should make friends with people all the time to go People’s output, but the reality is that it would be much happier with cool friends, interesting are the key lower, to go to a quiet environment. Most of these people have no idea how to make friends, I say guide!

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What you can do is decide where you want to go, when and how often, then start to connect and inviting introverts make it interesting and fun for you. This is a mini version of what I call “compiled scene.” It is essentially a set of techniques and principles that help you design your social life, and how to invite people to know him in a way that would like the how, and other introverts are more likely to say yes to his plan, because it will be compatible with your style.