10 tips to make hair grow faster

Having long hair is often considered a sign of beauty: This also means youth and vitality and many people associate it with health as well. Most women, if not all, would be able to grow hair at a time, the length of time flowing.
long hair

Unfortunately, this is not always the case, did you know that there is no scientific formula that has been shown to accelerate or stimulate hair growth? This is because hair growth is largely dependent on many factors, such as weather conditions, your age, the food we eat, lifestyle and overall health. That said, there are several things you can do to grow your hair longer and give you 10 tips for hair growth down into two categories.
5 habits to help your hair grow faster

The hair of an average healthy person grow about half an inch per month. This means you can expect about six inches per year, if it is not broken or slower due to one of the factors mentioned above.

You can stimulate hair growth faster by:

Manage your hair carefully
Avoid washing daily
Cut your hair regularly
Massaging the scalp
Eat healthy

Hair is composed of keratin, which is a combination of amino acid proteins. To grow new hair, your body must produce these amino acids rich protein diets are very good for the hair, so make sure you include your dietary ingredients such as eggs, meat and even dairy products such as yogurt. In addition to proteins, it is very important to remember that beauty is a reflection of what you eat, so make sure you stick to a healthy diet.

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Another habit, you can make your hair grow faster is good care hair. This includes minimizing chemical treatments, heat treatments, and even the frequency of washing your hair; to decrease daily natural essential oils that stimulate growth, it is recommended that only the hair two or three times a week and only wash with hot water, because the hair dryer and hot water makes dry brittle.
How to manage the affairs of your hair! For example, put your hair in a bun, tie into a ponytail, braid or constantly pulling hair from the root. This eventually leads to thinning and rupture. Always secure loose hair and wrap all go to sleep. Massaging the hair is also a great way to speed up hair growth, increasing blood flow and produces essential nutrients to hair follicles.

The fifth point is to cut hair: there has been much discussion about why the styling is effective in natural hair growth. It is important to note first of all that hair grows from the root; damaged hair is back and finally its way to its roots, so it is difficult for you to grow new hair quickly. Cut the damaged helps stimulate faster growth as there is less hair repair work. Remember that unhealthy hair can not grow.

5 products that help promote rapid growth

Having discussed habits, it is also important to highlight some hair products that will help protect your hair and stimulate growth.

These are:

Deep conditioning treatments
aerosols heat shield
hair growth supplements
Natural oils
protein treatments

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