Making Homemade French Fries

Frying is dipped fried sad. In fact, no doubt, he should not even be called a “fry”. Make sure that the next time you cook a lot that are really crunchy crisp. Professional Stack Exchange tell you how.

Yesterday I tried to make chips but are not sharp. What is the best way to get crispy?

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Kevin Dickerson Replies:

If you want chips with how your favorite restaurant is, you only need a few things.

Things have you:

A stove or fryer luxury,
Cold Idaho Russet Burbank potatoes # 1
Peanut oil
kosher salt
Optional thermometer to measure the temperature of the oil

Cooking mode:

Fry on low heat until the potatoes are cooked, about 250 ° F – 275 ° F
Putting aside the potatoes on paper or something. (Luxury fryers have a wire basket sometimes for this purpose.)
Increase oil temperature to about 375 ° F – 425 ° F.
Fry the highest temperature until golden.
Mix with salt in a bowl as seen on TV.

The potatoes must be cool to do amazing potatoes.
If you want to get rid of the potato starch presoak, sometimes it is fun to pour a ton of salt in ice water to extra-salty.
Fleas hate water. Store them in a paper bag after cooking and stay longer tense. (But only for a few minutes in general.)
The more regular cups potato volume, cook more evenly.
The unrefined peanut oil has a 325 ° F smoke point at 450 ° F. The refining is
A heavy pan will have a more uniform temperature.
The oil temperature will drop much to add chips. A thermometer will help you maintain a constant temperature.
Some notes FAQ:

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What is the difference between potatoes # 1 and # 2?
Potatoes 1 generally have a better way with fewer defects than No. 2. No. 2 potatoes baked and taste, but may contain sharp points, more bruising, etc. Conservators use potatoes # 2 when the final appearance should not be as attractive as for example mashed potatoes, fries.

How can I get the best results when frying potatoes in Idaho?
When frying, high solids Idaho Potatoes oil absorption decreases, ensuring chips. In addition, Idaho potatoes shrink less when fried and retain their best form the wettest potatoes. Before frying the potatoes, rinse with cold water to remove the starch, which can cause potatoes to stick together during frying. For more crispy potatoes, soak the potatoes in salted water for several minutes before cooking.

Make sure you always use clean oil, heated to the right temperature. Foods that fall into the wrong heated oil will absorb fat and take longer to cook. The oil should be heated slowly. If there is a good thermometer, place a potato strip in the oil and observe. If it flows and the surrounding oil does not react, the oil is not hot enough. If the oil bubbles around the band and the potato remains high, the temperature is ideal.

Maintain control of the cooking odors acres of oil during cooking; Strong odors indicate that the oil begins to burn. Make sure you never leave unattended chips.

User68999 Replies:

Without really fry …

potatoes STICK 1/4.
lightly boil the pieces until you scratch the surface with your finger.
Carefully spread in a single layer in a baking dish and sprinkle lightly with canola oil.
Season and bake at 350-400 degrees F until golden and delicious.
SAJ14SAJ Replies:

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Not to remove any of the existing answers to this question, but I want to add a reference most: Kenji Alt deep opus on the creation of the McDonald style fries at home.

Briefly, the method is as follows:

Potatoes cut into white slightly acidified with vinegar water to allow them to cook through while maintaining the pectin decomposition and acid causing chips to fall apart.
The fried potatoes (first Fry).
Possibly (but preferably) freeze the chips at this stage, it really helps to develop crisp. Of course, this also allows you to do almost all the work beforehand.
Finish frying and serving.
You will notice that it is a variation of the traditional method of double frying described in response to Kevin Dickerson.

See the article linked to all the sciences, details and a related recipe.