How to make money online

We will help you make some money online and Internet use and the PC you need is a good idea. If you do not even have those, you can turn your spare time into cash – legally.

This is not a guide to the sale of old vinyl records on eBay or flogging knackered paperback on Amazon. We have done our homework, we searched the web and put together a list of new, interesting and innovative ways technology can help you make money.

We will explore topics such as intelligence work – jobs that computers and software can not do, but which are essential to the operation of an electronics company.

Computers have eliminated many tedious and repetitive in the workplace tasks, but created a certain right, too, which gives us the opportunity to make money online quickly and reasonably easy.

For example, Amazon Mechanical Turk is not coming. Small tasks that can not be performed by the software are leased to subscribers that make work around pennies at a time.

That name? It is a 18th century sideshow attraction. A robot that plays chess has been touring Europe, astonishing audiences with his apparent ability. It was, however, controlled by a human hidden from view.

The micro-jobs that are registered in Mechanical Turk (HIT or called human intelligence tasks) could be just the duty related to the fast computer.

In a typical session, a user can do some data entry or complete a questionnaire. More punches than fill the time, more wins. With many successes offer only a few cents a task that requires dedication to earn a living – but there are advantages, too.

You can work from home do as much or as little as you want at any time of the day you want. And the tasks that require more thought and effort pay more.

If the rewards of Mechanical Turk seems too thin, there are similar services, more specialized choose.

Microworkers offer higher rates, but the tasks are in the category of gray marketing with HIT require that you sign up for dating sites and blogs, or review articles on Amazon.

Meanwhile CloudCrowd is a company of unusual. You sign up on Facebook and a lot of the work offered is the correction of basic tests and translation.

Human intelligence tasks pay up to $ 3, although most jobs are offered less. Payment is via PayPal and support is offered by Get Satisfaction.

Finally, there’s only answer. The model here is a bit different, but still snuggled in the same general category as elsewhere HIT. Then you get to use their experience to answer questions live users.

Of course, qualifications are necessary in the field of their choice and their credentials are displayed to users. The system works on a tender basis. As a provider, analyze the lists of questions you can answer live.

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If you can help, a price is set. It corresponds to the user if they are willing to pay that price or continue the search for a better deal. New suppliers are taking 25% of the costs, while the most experienced experts get a 50% discount.

The best way to start running ads on your site, and making money is Google AdSense. A piece of code is provided for you to paste into your site when you register.

People who browse your site to see the ads that match the content and keywords. The flow per click model means that each time a user clicks on a link, a share of tax paid by the advertiser is obtained.

Google does not publish the exact percentage of the pie you have, but some keywords provide greater proportion than others.

No longer you have a website? Read our guide on how to build a website.

Some AdSense users saw the benefit of more than £ 1,000 ($ 1,300 AU $ 1,700) per month. It is difficult to track which keywords are the real winners, even if there are several blogs and websites that are on the list of AdSense keywords pay more.

Is it worth shelling of these lists? You can use Google AdWords tool itself to suggest related keywords for free. It will help you optimize your content for more targeted ads.

Do not click on the ads on their own page, and I do not ask your friends to click on them will help either. Google believes that click fraud, and uses sophisticated tracking mechanisms to protect their income. You are more likely to get a quick admission that any additional permanent ban.

If you want to make money with AdSense, just good, consistent content for a small audience.

For more control over the ads, try affiliate link. Or take a percentage of sales that refer to the service provider, or if you get easy money for clicks.

Amazon Associates is a highly visible example. Sign up for access to tools that let you create banners, buttons and text links to an article on the website – make sure the products you choose are relevant to the content that already carries.

When someone clicks on an affiliate link to Amazon on their site, you will have nine percent of the money they spend. Easy money.

Technically, it is easy for anyone to prepare a home video for online publishing. You can download the video at HD resolutions on YouTube, for example – and the service is compatible with compression at different resolutions for you.

YouTube also accepts video in QuickTime, MPEG, Windows Media Format or as an AVI file. Note that HD resolution is 1920 x 1080, so it has no sense going on. Once you have clicked the “Send” button, it is very simple.

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The hardest part is not videos – is becoming more public time. You will need the public to make money. It is easy to see why the most popular videos on YouTube. Go to web page graphics YouTube, where you can choose the most watched videos.

There are several points in common. First, goodness. cute children and cute animals. If it is fun and cute, it is YouTube gold. The number one of the videos of all time is the famous “Charlie bit my finger”.

One way to hedge your bets is to ride the coattails. For a short time, parodies Rebecca Black and mashups were almost as popular on YouTube the original video. Take the next viral smash early in its ascent, and then make a video up your heels and your efforts will benefit from the reflected glory.

It is difficult to time correctly, but pays dividends if you do. instructional videos are good too, but this issue really deserves a separate discussion, since it is an entire video tutorial secondary market.

Get playbacks and eyeballs at work can be translated into cash. The YouTube Partner Program allows you to place ads on your videos and earn money for each viewing.

Note, however, that is very difficult to get. In addition, YouTube reveals no specific figures, but posting testimonials.

There are alternatives to YouTube that allow you to generate revenue from ads without having to build one after the first. Try sites like and

For more information on getting started, check out our tips and tricks for beginners Guide YouTube.

Digital photography has a brilliant synergy with the PC and the web. Millions of us to upload images to sites like Flickr, or share images with friends on Facebook and Twitter.

This does not mean that everything that can be done, however – with a little extra work, you could be making money with your camera taking pictures and selling them online.

There are two markets stock photography. At the top end are images produced by professionals. These include shooting events, celebrities and difficult configurations. The use of these rights are sold by hundreds.

Its entry point is through microstock – where images for commercial use at very low prices are allowed, from which take a percentage.

Like many other online businesses, this is a volume business, with pennies per sale, not books. The key is to create the popular image that many people want to use.

Ideally, several microstock sites publish guidelines know exactly what type of image you are after and what will not. iStockPhoto for example, reveals that seasonal themes and corporate images are big sellers, although injections of fruits on white background are happening.

However, the main requirement is that the photographs must be well formed, with a resolution high enough, well-lit and in focus. basic photography skills will be very useful here.

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Other potential markets include Shutterpoint. This is a social community oriented repository, the minimum that ethos’ Stack ’em high, sell’ that works well if you can produce popular images sold in volume.

Another good option is particularly Shutterstock, a more formal and established presence that allows you to earn up to $ 30 for each image sold – and images can be sold for a time of multiple use.

If you prefer to go directly to the upper end of the market, you can sell your photos directly to users from your own site. PhotoShelter offers a set of tools that allow you to do, caring for storage systems and payment digital camera while you have control over what you sell. Fishing is a fixed amount of $ 9.99 per month.

We have a lot of picture of how the elements that can help improve your photos for a better opportunity to make money on them.

self-published e-books are an ideal niche ideas and a good way to make money online format. mind reading secrets and stars makeup techniques are ideal subjects. Arcano experience that could make a profit, too.

Perhaps rebuild an old car from scratch. There are probably hundreds of other people who would attack the same project with their advice.

Self-publishing electronic books is easier than ever – especially with iTunes and the Kindle edition now real options. You not even need to create a special format for Kindle books.

Kindle Direct Publishing program accepts digital manuscripts in plain text format DOC Microsoft Word, or HTML. This is the old word, on the other hand, not DOCX.

You can use PDF, but publishers of books Amazon has reported problems with the format.

There is a form to fill out, allowing you to book adds an ISBN and add digital rights management.

The authors report that to make changes to the presentation after the fact is difficult, so be sure that every detail is correct and that the text has been corrected. Then a fixed price and keep 70% of the increase in sales.

book format for Apple iBooks – Application of free common book for the iPad – is more complicated. You need to exit the ePub protocol, supported in implementing Apple Pages, Adobe InDesign.

Alternatively, you can convert to ePub using Calibre tool open source. From there, the presentation system is similar to the PDK.

A final service that is worth mentioning is Smashwords. This makes the process easier publishing multiple outlets and formats – and accepts digital manuscripts in doc.

With a presentation of Smashwords, you can make this very important ISBN classified and publish your book in the store eReader Nook and Sony and Smashwords site. He even published Apple iBooks.