15 best and fastest ways to make money as a teenager – free, fast and easy

1. Paid Surveys
Paid surveys are great ways to earn a good sum of money for teens. But unfortunately, few surveys are not reliable and do not pay much amount. So you have to play very sure to win better pay legal surveys MySurvey called, and it can be connected to many potential enough panels. Like all survey companies have limited the number of offers, you must pick up your game unique panels selected. If you are really interested in getting into paid surveys to make money, then it is best EliteSurveySites.com. This site is one of the most progressive blogs on the basis of paid surveys. They are provided with links to the survey that pays more, and also provide a wealth of information and details on how to make more money.

2. “Get paid to ‘websites
GPT sites will help you pay with checks and cash for finishing various deals websites, or to complete some of the available online to see advertisements even play games. Swagbucks is very popular, but you can also use InboxPounds, Toluna provides service and make money for himself.


3. Housework what people
Today, people are so busy do not have time to work on their daily tasks. So they are hiring young children and teens who are interested in earning some pocket money for them, and help them in their regular jobs. So if you know someone who needs this kind of help, you can move forward in the execution of their tasks based on the part-time and earn a little money too. Start by asking your parents, relatives and neighbors.

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4. Wash Cars
Many car owners lack time in cleaning your own car so they can offer to children and car wash adolescents. This is a great way to earn money washing cars to a dealer, or relatives or neighbors.

5. house sitting and animal
You can help your friends, family and neighbors in the house salon or pet care. If you love animals and control them, then you are in for it. If you can effectively manage and in the absence of the owner of the house to someone else, then you can take this opportunity.


6. juice and lemonade stand
The classic money making tactic for kids! With the arrival of summer, people often become thirsty during the trip or leave for work. So it may be just around the corner with juice or lemonade can help others in fulfilling their thirst by drinking its juice.

7. The mobile phone recycling
Using the tool price comparison mobile home phone, you can recycle their old mobile phones into disuse with private companies, and to facilitate their environment, at the same time, you get a little money by check or bank network process. Make sure you take the help of their parents who can support him in implementing this easy work for a good cause.

8. paid by Web Search
Search various websites and make money online is the best way for you. It is a unique idea created by Qmee that rewards you for searching on Yahoo, Google, MSN, and many other sites. Just install an add-on to your browser and easily start searching according to the rules mentioned in the site, and you can also come through sponsored results, in addition to its regular search.

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9. Cut the grass
Too many people have lawns in their backyards or in front of his house. So you can certainly try to mow the lawn, or you can even mow the lawn nearby park or on the lawn with the permission of their owners, and make some money quickly.

10. Childcare
Many families need child care because they do not have enough time in hand to manage their own babies than mothers and fathers come out for professional work. If being a teenager are good to play with young children, and keep them entertained, then this is certainly an effective way to make money.

11. Review of music for money
If being a teenage love and enjoy the music, the magazine of the music in order to earn money can be an interesting business. You can record and review the various types of music being on the list, and to be provided. You can start with Slicethepie make money. Users who have already reported that their children have a good monthly payment.
12. Surveys Online
There are many sites that investigations are conducted online such as notice Panel, Valued Opinions, Vivatic, iPoll, global test, pineapple, Toluna, SurveyBods, MySurvey, PanelBase, IPSOS, Hiving, New Vista, Harris Poll and YourWord . So, teens can go to earn money doing surveys online through these sites at your leisure. Research companies using fresh members to answer questions in the survey and test their latest products. Therefore, it will only take a few minutes to fill out the given form and get paid soon.

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13. Start a yard or garage sale
Few people want to get rid of the food they need at home. Then you can help by throwing a large garage sale where you can sell your old and new materials that are not currently using, and in return, get some money owner and customers who took their animals. You can even sell their own unused food products and earn a little money on a weekly basis.

14. contest
different types of contests are available to make an entrance, from taste Facebook page and easy registration forms in order to correctly answer questions on the phone to become the competitor TV game program. Children and adolescents make enough money each year by introducing all kinds of competitions.

15. The writing and publishing an eBook Kindle
If you are good at writing as a child or teenager, you have a precious opportunity to write stories or features its own nonfiction. With the help of the Kindle app is available on smartphones, iPads, laptops and Kindle, you can get information regarding the top after doing some research, and also correctly compile and present the history of an easy way. This will also save some money. You can publish your own eBook in the store Amazon Kindle, and make money too.