To make pancakes

Pancakes are a type of soft, soft flatbread or a simple cake, not necessarily sweet, enjoyed by cultures around the world. pancake recipes vary, but all have the same basic ingredients of flour, eggs and milk. Some countries, like the United States and Canada, serving pancakes for breakfast, while others, like those in Europe, serve pancakes as dessert for a meal or even as a side dish . Pancakes can be eaten alone, with butter and syrup, sprinkled with powdered sugar, fruit or cheese filled or sprinkled with sugar and lemon juice. Whatever the tradition, the pancakes are a good dish.

The following ingredients made on Oct. 8 inches (25 cm) pancakes (more or less depending on size); you can change the amounts of ingredients according to the number you want to use:

2 cups (18 oz / 510 g) of rising flour or all purpose (see tips below)
2 or 3 eggs
1 1/2 cups (350 mL) milk
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
2 tablespoons butter or vegetable oil
5 tablespoons sugar
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract (optional)
A pinch of salt.


Break the eggs into a bowl and beat until creamy. Add dry ingredients (including sodium bicarbonate, if self-rising flour is used). Do not stir the mixture at this point!

Melt the butter in a bowl in the microwave. Make sure it is completely melted; Just a minute.

Add the butter and milk mixture. Stir gently, leaving a few small groups of dry ingredients in the dough. Do not stir until completely smooth. If your dough is soft, your pancakes will be tough and flat compared fluffy.

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Heat skillet over low-medium heat. If you have a “pancake” initial setting up of the stove use. Be sure to use non-stick, or a portion of butter so that the pancakes do not stick.

Sprinkle some water stains on the board. If the “dance” or jump from the frying pan with a sizzle, the pan is ready for the dough.

Pour about 3 tablespoons of the mixture of 1/4 cup of the tip of a large spoon or jug ??on the hotplate or in a hot pan greased. The amount being poured decide the final size of pancakes. It is best to start with less shake, then slowly pour the batter into the pan to increase the size of the pancake.

Cook for about two minutes or until the cake is golden. You should see the bubbles, then burst into the edges. When the bubbles on the edge of the dough and let pop a hole does not close immediately, gently flip the cake.

Cook the other side until golden brown and remove. Do you want a deeper color? Repeat for another thirty seconds of each side until the cake is enough to taste there.

Have fun! Try adding butter, peanut butter, syrup, jelly, chocolate chip cookies, brownies or fruit to your pancakes for a different flavor, more exciting. The varieties are endless. They are the most delicious pancakes you’ll ever taste.