10 Best Pasta Salad Recipes

Summer is almost there and it is at this time of year to get rid of rich meats and heavy meals to make way for light and simple dishes. But does this mean giving up delicious dishes or compromising taste? In no way! Yes, you heard right. Light meals can really be a huge success when a variety of vegetables, fruits, herbs, nuts, sauces, meats and other flavoring agents come together to create sensational recipes. We guarantee that you will not miss the high-calorie dishes, once you master the tricks of distributing light meals in minutes.

This ingredient that works best with regards to the launch of summer meals at home is pasta. There is no shortage of pasta variety that is available on the supermarket shelves. Penne, macaroni, spaghetti, fusilli, tagliatelle, farfalle – whatever. In fact, you can take pictures with a variety of vegetables and meats to make interesting salads every day!
Here are our top 10 pasta salad recipes to get started –

1. Fusilli Pasta Salad with Black Olives and Feta

A simple but satisfying recipe with the goodness of black olives and cherry tomatoes, and feta sprinkled with fusilli, and dressed with a balsamic vinaigrette.

2. Chicken Pasta Soya Salad

An interesting pasta and refreshing chicken salad recipe where fusilli, broccoli, cherry tomatoes and sweet corn are thrown together and sprinkled with soybean dressing honey.

3. Parsley and Parmesan Pasta

It can not be easier than that! Penne thrown with black olives, fresh parsley and parsley, for a mid-week super fast lunch.

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4. creamy white pasta salad

The smooth strips paste softened in a rich creamy white sauce. Finish with a pinch of freshly ground pepper.

5. Tuna Cold pasta salad

A refreshing salad with tuna, hard boiled eggs and pasta, served cold with a light vinaigrette.

6. Broccoli, mini corn and colored pasta salad

This incredibly easy recipe for pasta salad will get you hooked. Tip in some fresh herbs like parsley and basil for a flavor, or a tablespoon of cream for some indulgence.

7. Pasta salad with dressing asparagus

A hot pasta salad dressed with a potato sauce and delicious asparagus and topped with chicken ham, eggs and cheese. Simple, fast and satisfying a meal!

8. Caesar Salad with Chicken Pasta

The favorite Caesar salad all time becomes healthier with penne pulled. It is a quick and easy meal for lunch. Top with Parmesan cheese and enjoy.

9. Pasta salad with brine

This is a pasta salad with immensely satisfactory farfalle, cheese and a tangy vinaigrette. Top with fresh herbs and bread croutons and you have a winner!

10. Spaghetti Salad Tadka

A spaghetti of whole wheat salad with chicken pieces and vegetables. Tempered with a mustard seed and curry leaf Tadka for that Indian punch.