Making a Picture Frame at Home

Sale of paintings to his art can be expensive, especially if you want framed you, but this DIY project by people on the happy day Oh shows you how to make beautiful pictures of wooden facades and matt plexiglass – supports the plate for $ 5 each.

To be fair, the total combined cost of the required materials was about $ 50, but the blog DIY Oh Happy Day notes that for that amount of money you get enough materials needed to make 10 frames, which is where the just the number. When purchasing raw materials, which includes necessary to cut cardboard and plexiglass and materials needed to hang Marcos- can customize images to suit different sizes of posters or pictures you want to hang on your walls tools .

You will end the long run to make their own frames, so if you measure the cost savings compared to the amount of time you spend riding their frames may not be as big economies, but the real benefit here is of good materials market and the ability to adjust the frames that are appropriate for your space. Go to Oh Happy Day for a photographic guide to his.

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