Ask the experts: How to write a CV

The best starting point for writing a resume is to think of yourself as a product. Its aim is to convince the buyer, either an employer or agent of that college admission that you are the best product for the job they have. If you can understand this concept from the beginning, that will fundamentally change the way you write your resume and give you the best chance of success.

Think of your resume as a brochure, highlighting why the recruiter must separate a one-hour interview you. It is essential to get it right the first time.


If you are a recent graduate, page 2-3 CV is fine. It should be short enough to read quickly, but not so short that can not be sold on it. People believe that human resources staff read a resume for ten seconds, and then decide to interview the candidate or not. That’s not true. They look at a resume for ten seconds, and then decide whether or not to continue reading. If they do, they read for 20 seconds, before deciding whether to file again until sufficient interest to justify an interview or to start using the stack “no”.

Reflecting the needs of the employer

When an organization announces a vacant role, the market says: “We have a problem. Do not have someone who can fill that position” Therefore, it is important that both your CV and cover letter to show that you are the solution to your dilemma.

This is where “mirror” the ad or job description is the key. In most job descriptions there is a section that highlights the skills and the employer is specific research. Read this information and highlight the most important aspects, and these are reflected in your resume and cover letter, emphasizing how your skills, achievements, qualifications and experiences can meet these requirements.

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Emphasizing its achievements

When most people write a resume, which usually only list your experience, education, responsibilities and the like. However, the second key to an effective resume is to show how excelled in these areas. As a graduate, there are many ways to do it. For example:

Have you won any degrees of high level?
You are assigned responsibility (representative member of the class. Or a committee, for example)
Have you received awards or scholarships?
Also, if you have had experience of practical work, develop their ability to show teamwork, professionally relate to customers and demonstrate your work ethic.

Any volunteer experience can be useful at the beginning of his career as well. Many major accounting and banking practices have a positive view of the community or volunteer work because it suggests a person of character, not just the brain.

If you have a solid professional experience, you can also see the achievements such as meeting / exceeding sales targets, systems and processes that have been developed, and special projects that participated.

The main areas of your CV

Contact details
Whenever they see the first thing the employer. If you want to communicate with you, it’s easy and they will not have to search through the CV, finding buried at the end of a small fountain. It seems obvious, but make sure they are correct. I know a chef who distributes a wonderful CV around all the best restaurants. Unfortunately all coordinates were wrong, so he got no call back.

For a specific role, an objective measure of the section is essential. Be sure to reflect what the company is looking and highlight the job title. For example:

Looking for graduate paper board, when strong, combined titles with a passion for business law and banking can be used.

This immediately attracts the attention of the reader, and begin to show that the solution to their problem.

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personal summary
This is where most of duplication is performed. Assess and highlight the keywords in the job description, make sure that they are included in the staff summary. You must be careful not to plagiarize the content of the employer. However, you want to be sure that you have what they want.

In general, this section is about 6-8 bullet points, focusing on the details of the function, team management, software knowledge and personal characteristics such as being proactive and have great attention to detail.

Once you have a solid professional experience, this section tends to go after the history section of the race (see below). However, if you are a recent graduate, this is his main achievement, which must come first.

In general, each degree is selected, with the university and the year reached. After that, add a section entitled “Major Accomplishments”. Then you will need to highlight the main aspects mentioned above, showing why you are a good candidate for the role.

Almost all work experience is relevant when you start your career. Advisor in the early stages are looking for reasons not to interview, so that a candidate with experience of customer service part time may have an additional advantage when a banking role is requested. Of course, if you have a solid career background, you should look to take advantage of their knowledge and experience, making sure it is in line with the role you are looking for.

After each post another section “Major Accomplishments” noting that it has received approval, other responsibilities that have been assigned or goals been reached or exceeded. Again, all these little positive examples accumulate in evaluating your resume, keeping the recruiter interested enough to keep reading.

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Computer knowledge
Unless you are a computer science graduate, this section should be a brief overview of the main programs you already know how to use. Again, this is important, because if a specific program is not listed, it will be assumed that you do not have the expertise to use it.

It is important to be seen as a rounded person, not just an accounting or legal machine that is only interested in the job 24/7. Therefore, 4-8 short list of their interests, noting that these may become important when the company starts talking about their culture later in the hiring process.

In this section, you can also discuss support voluntary activities or community can participate.

Again, for your first position the Education section is important and should highlight your main high school, and all the achievements that you might as academic awards or membership prefect or committee. However, after the second or third position this section becomes less and later in his career, is expected to submit completely.
Become a person of influence online
As the job search becomes more digital, it is essential that you put a positive cyber profile to ensure the success of his future career. Developing a LinkedIn profile beautiful and easy to read is important because many recruiters roam to identify these talents.

Be proactive in your industry and start writing a blog or a regular podcast on a professional topic you find interesting. After a period of time, you begin to develop a strong online presence that will increase its global influence. Imagine a recruiter with two candidates: one with good grades and the other with good grades and 32 entries informative and insightful blog about the market economy. Which would you choose to use?

The use of Twitter as a professional tool also provide relevant content that corresponds to blogs or podcasts.