How to create a secure Gmail account

The Internet is no return at this stage, nor are computers. We are all connected by these devices that put all our information in public, and many of us do not have the first clue how one of them work. If you send an email, it is equivalent to sending a postcard. Everyone can see everything that is writing to their friends, whether they are aware of it or not. We have had some physical mail entitlements that simply have not been transferred to digital communications. I do not know about you but I want these rights again, and the first step towards restoring our digital privacy is to learn how to use email encryption. Each level adds an extra layer of security to your email. The level of security you use depends on you, but you need to be aware of the real world applications of technology that is used to make an informed decision.

Level 1 – Choose the correct email provider

Every email provider has its good and bad points to consider, but for security reasons, Gmail is what you want. There are two important security measures that will discuss below that work best with Gmail, and both are necessary. I’m not a fan of Google and data mining / tracking, but the reality is that Gmail is free, easy to use and compatible with all the necessary security measures. If you are not, there are other ways to get stuck, but with a Gmail account, everyone can enjoy the benefits of secure communication used by governments and businesses around the world.

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Hotmail / Outlook is a free e-mail / client service, but is incompatible with the methods necessary to keep your mail securely encrypted. Yahoo provides free e-mail, as well, but does not allow you to view messages on your server. To download messages to your email client, you must pay to update your email account. As none of these companies allows free security, avoid both and stick to Gmail. Now we will see how to create a secure Gmail account.

Level 2 – Download a customer email

When you check your email online, messages are stored on the servers of your email provider. This is similar to storing your mail in a mailbox instead of taking it with you to read it. Maybe you are not doing something illegal, but there is no reason for anyone to withhold your mail. When you download an e-mail client, you transfer your e-mail servers to another person and to the internal hard disk of your computer. So, what is a mail client, and what do you choose?

There are three commonly used mail clients: Lotus Notes, Outlook, and Thunderbird. Lotus Notes and Outlook are traditionally used by businesses. They have many security features of the business (which means they are useful for business), but they cost money to buy. In addition, they are often not compatible with the encryption software available on the consumer market. In order to protect yourself, free of charge, download Thunderbird, which is made by Mozilla, people who make the Internet browser Firefox. Not only this free program, a variety of security accessories that can be installed.

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After you install Thunderbird, you are prompted to sign in to your Gmail account. Be sure to change your settings to download messages and remove them from Google’s servers. This makes it harder for someone to spy on you because they have to be physically on your computer to do it. With a bit of luck, you can see who is physically on your computer.

Level 3 – Tales of Encryption

Once you have installed Thunderbird, you must configure PGP encryption (short for Pretty Good Privacy). To do this, download and install the Enigmail extension. When numbers from your email, you place the emails that normally send in an envelope. It will not be anonymous, people can still see / a addresses, but the information you send will be illegible to anyone other than the recipient.

What is establishing a PGP key for you on your computer. You are also given a key to give to anyone who wants to send an email. Once you change the keys with someone, you can send an e-mail safely. If someone intercepts the mail, will only be charlatans unless they are the two keys to unlock the email. Even if one of your key is compromised, there will be no other, and therefore can not read your email. This is mathematically inviolable encryption for the moment, and the same level of encryption used by every government and society in the world. If it is good enough for them, why not you?