Making Sunny Side Up Eggs

If you ask a dozen chefs how to cook an egg sunny side, probably a dozen answers, but most of us add oil, heat and egg, and call it a day . This method of people in Food52, however, is a little different, and could help improve their eggs frying technique.

Yes, we know it’s not exactly difficult to cook an egg, but it’s hard to ruin this fried egg, leaving too long, using the wrong tray, do not add enough butter or oil for keep the egg from sticking, etc. in. This method is certainly on the side of fattening, but it is an almost surefire way to make your way perfect fried eggs every time. In fact, it is similar to the method that uses chef José Andrés, and even points out that sometimes the simple things are the most difficult to master. Egg Type If you prefer fried does not match the video above, perhaps one of these methods suits your fancy instead.

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