How to make a temporary tattoo without hairspray ?

Making a temporary tattoo without hairspray

Temporary tattoos can be made using henna, eyeliner, or just someone writing with a marker, but if you follow a design that you can not draw bare hand here is a technique using paper layer, eyeliner, rubbing alcohol, talc and spray liquid bandage.

Charlotte is my name sharing this technique to create temporary tattoos which last three to four days:

Trace the desired image on tracing paper with a pencil and cut.
Rub the skin where you want to apply the image with alcohol.
Place the pencil drawing down on your skin and cover with a damp cloth.
Now you will have a clear overview of the image on your skin. Draw lines with the tattoo eyeliner.
Add a little of the image on talcum powder to prevent stains.
Spray the temporary tattoo with a liquid spray bandage to make it waterproof.
This can be a fun mini-project for the next Halloween costume or to test a tattoo idea before getting permanent ink.

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