How to make Video With Phone Using Windows and Mac

Creating Video From Phones and Editing Through Mac and Windows

When I started making videos, I’m intimidated. The vast library of tutorials available actually served to make me more nervous: It was where I might be doing wrong? Should I even bother, if you do not have an external microphone? It seemed a lot to learn and perfect.

The fact is that you can make a great video today, using the tools you already have. In less than two hours, in fact. Even Spielberg had to start somewhere. The purpose of this video is to get your feet wet, learn and build confidence to make the video. Let rudimentary and overcome the initial hurdle of turning an idea into a finished video can start using immediately.

To prove it, Dave and I filmed a quick video and learned some things along the way. Here is our basic guide for recording the first video, plus the story behind the scenes of how we drive our own.

A single, specific topic:

Whether you are full of video ideas or struggle to think of one, the first video must meet a specific problem manageable. Here are some questions you can ask yourself to get the ideas flowing:

  • What is your response to a question almost every day?
  • What is a common point of confusion about your business?
  • What is a starting point for your customers or users to paste?
  • What is an internal process that could explain it better?

Dave is our enthusiastic GoPro resident, and people often ask him how to start using. We chose “a quick guide to using a GoPro” as video theme.

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Write down your ideas

As you write the initial script, do not worry on the way. Just get all your ideas on paper. We will deal with a true scenario later.

I would start with a central message and some anchor points and then gradually organize this information in a logical order to create a script. To keep your concise video, try to keep it under one page.

Finish the script and break into pieces

Once you have organized your thoughts, try to read the script out loud a few times to make sure it sounds natural. Write her lines as if explaining to a friend.

Once you’re happy with how it feels, divide into 1-2 pieces sentences so it will be easier to memorize and read directly from the camera. Here is the script that ended with:

Find a well-lit

Lighting is probably the most important factor to make your shot looks good – even more than a good camera! It need not be fancy. Go to a window and make sure that faces the outside. If you have no window in his office, a lamp or lighted pointing computer screen to his face, he will do.

Reminder: Always keep the light in front of you, not behind you.

Set your laptop

Your laptop has a powerful built-in camera. Here’s why we decided to use a laptop for this video:

You do not have to worry about using a tripod.
It’s easy to look at each clip immediately.
Importing is easy, reducing assembly time.
You are probably looking now!
A laptop sitting at a desk can not provide the most flattering angle. In fact, the camera is looking at the subject. Instead, lift the laptop on the table so that the camera is located just above the eye line. Is much more flattering when a camera is pointed slightly downward toward the subject.

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Video recording

I preferred using QuickTime to record webcam videos, but can also be captured directly into iMovie and Photo Booth.

Using QuickTime, go to File> New Video recording. Before clicking record, the sound head to System Preferences and disable the ambient noise reduction. This makes the audio recording of your own fresh laptop does not sound as if underwater.

Read each line of the script out loud a few times until you have memorized, then look straight into the camera and go! Think of a “line” like one of those pieces of two sentences written in his script. Recording a line at a time, and do not be afraid to make several shots! You can cut the bad later.

For the sake of the question, look at the camera for a second before and after the reading of each line. This will make editing lines brings a more natural sound.

Gather additional hardware

Take your iPhone (or smartphone of choice) and record a group of 5-10 seconds of clips that illustrate what you say. David took a few shots of the GoPro GoPro camera and is also used to derive pleasure footage. If you have a dog around, which is usually a good bet.

Additional images can be in the form of the image still good. Consider breaking screenshots or use pictures to tell your story better.

Edit united catches

Finally, import all the images in iMovie and find your best shot. Do not worry if you are a novice edition: Apple has a series of tutorials.

Once you have history rebuilt and it sounds good, it was in his additional images (also known as B-roll), where it makes sense. Use these clips to mask the changes between each piece of your script. The “jump cuts” less jarring, better!

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Download and integrate

Congratulations – You have just completed your first video! Wistia and download it to start sharing. Immediately afterward, finding his closest friend and give them a big high five. Earn extra points for a jump of five!

Now you know what it’s like to work through the beginning of the process of video at the end. If you’re like me, making her first video has generated many questions. To continue your journey, visit our Learning Center tutorials and get help from other members of the Community. If you start to get a little more advanced, here are some links to help you with the following steps:

  • Best video shot with an iPhone
  • Down & Dirty Lighting Kit
  • Wistia scripts Tips

Promise (because I went there) that your next video will be even better.