How to Make a Youtube Video on Your Phone Android/iOS ?

It is suck YouTube videos? Make them high quality using these 4 simple tips

1. Your questions sound quality.
He was surprised that my first advice the involved? Lest. The sound is probably more important for the achievement of a video film of high quality. I know it sounds strange, but stay with me for a moment. People can forgive the poor quality of the video. But if the sound is low, or distorted sounds like it was recorded in a cave, viewers will quickly click Next.

Spending money on a lapel microphone. Even inexpensive, such as Audio-Technica ATR-3350 – $ 25.00 on Amazon – would. Then, after recording the video, run a basic noise suppression filter for recording. You will be amazed at what suppresses noise. Almost all directors of semi-advanced audio filters, and a quick search on YouTube will show you exactly how. Or, hire someone or to eliminate noise for a few dollars.

2. Lighting
The lighting does not have to be complicated, but it has to be there. The lighting will make even a low quality camera produces much better video, and people love to watch videos that are well-lit.

If you record on your computer, have a desk lamp two behind and around the screen. You can also invest in a light kit low cost, which can be obtained for as little as $ 150 from Amazon, because it includes the database configuration as well. It also helps to place a light behind you, made away from you. This will help you stand out from the background and give more depth to the final look.

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3. Installation with jump cuts
One of the easiest and fastest way to record a video is to use the method of jump cutting. A jump cut is when the video is actually composed of dozens (or hundreds) short little clips all placed together to form a coherent video.

The advantage to cut video feed is twofold:

It saves time during recording, you will not have to memorize long scripts.
pace with the fast forward video is maintained, keeping the captive audience.
To register a jump cut video, write the whole script beforehand, but divide it into, easy to say simple sentences. For example:

“Have you ever wanted to invest in property, but lack the down payment? My name is Brandon Turner, and today’s video, I’ll show you three simple steps to purchase real estate with little or no money out of pocket . the first step is going to be what I call home piracy. piracy house is the process …. ”

Notice how each line is broken, alone, with short, simple phrases? This recording will be much easier. After scripted the whole video, just take a friend / spouse / child to help you. Click on the record button on the camera, and my bed using a high line. Again, this line while looking at the camera. Then my bed using another line, and I say that out loud the line.

This continues throughout the video, and the voice of the other person just released later, leaving only a continuous narrative fast-paced.

4. Choose the right camera.
Finally, let’s talk about the camera you use. You have several options, depending on your price range. Speaking of the three most common:

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Your laptop or computer: If you have a camera on your laptop or desktop computer, you can record with it. However, if the computer has more than two years, I recommend you probably buy a separate webcam, the quality will be much higher. You can take one, like this one on Amazon for about $ 50.
The smartphone: If you have a new iPhone or other smartphone, you can actually save a great video using the built-in camera. As I mentioned above, if the sound quality and adequate quality of lighting is obtained, this option may suit you perfectly.
A single lens reflex camera (DSLR): Finally, if you really want to take your video to new heights, update the camera to a digital SLR from a company like Nikon or Canon. DSLR can give you the clearest picture and the appearance of the depth of field (blurred background) it makes the video look professional.