Managing Stress Successful people

In addition, the pressure of being an executive in the technology industry are enormous. Either you learn to control it or control. The same goes for running a small business. It’s always all or nothing and each extreme generates its own unique form of psychological torture.

You must learn to handle whatever life sends your. And while infographics offers some solid advice, he wanted to provide a context type spin out and make it even more useful.

First, let me dispel a common misconception about stress. It is not necessarily bad for you. Do not get technical here, but the physical and mental stress of competition and adversity can actually lead to do their best work. Often inspired us with our most innovative ideas and solutions under stress. Some people thrive on it. Others, not so much.

Indeed, chronic stress can lead to burnout and depression. There is tension in the healthy and unhealthy stress. But these days, many people who must work harder I see that the means by which stress as an excuse to be lazy unproductive. This is BS.

Second, how to handle stress in a person may seem to contradict each other. That’s what happens when you try to reduce complex concepts to brief vignettes.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, for example, said that taking action reduces stress. Meanwhile, Steve Jobs has practiced a type of meditation is to sit quietly and watching. Both methods may seem contradictory, but they really are not. In fact, I use both, depending on the circumstances.

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When I feel the pressure of having too much to do, they prioritize and begin to call one by one. In this situation, the action did reduce stress. But attention is probably more effective to deal with complex or emotional dilemmas. After all, it is a bit difficult to access their feelings and intuition when they focus on doing things.

Now that I think I would stress buster guy who failed Infographic: Strenuous exercise. When stress increases to a kind of boiling point, which is the only thing that works for controlling hiperneurÛtica monster like me.

Remember that stress causes the body to fight or flight. I do not know, but I can not stop jumping out of my skin – much less think or feel – with all that adrenaline and cortisol flooding my system. A 30-minute run my body back to normal and calm with me for other methods can do its magic.

Speaking combine approaches, the method of Elon Musk to go for it if the risk is worth assumes that you have already heard your car and your instinct tells you ignore the fear and take the plunge. However, you may want to get some quality time alone for the first time. Snub fear only works if you make the right decision more often.

Which brings us to the only advice I do not agree with the plan, although I do not know if it had been taken out of context or perhaps meant different city. Square CEO and co-founder of Twitter (and acting CEO) Jack Dorsey says to build “ritual” and “coherence” in your schedule to minimize the “unexpected”.

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I agree that discipline, concentration and organization prevents it from being your worst enemy and adding chaos in your life. That said, all habits and planning in the world will not make more predictable life. Instead, be flexible and adaptable will help you respond more effectively when the $ # *! unexpectedly hits the fan, as it often does.

One thing is certain. No stress on coping with stress. Just do what works and if it is not broke, do not fix it. As the great John Lennon said: “All that stands in the night, more or less.”