Calories to lose Per Week

If you ever calculated how much weight you will lose by reducing a certain number of calories per day, you know the most famous equation in food: 1 pound of fat = 3500 calories. It is unfortunate that the equation is wrong.

It may be just in a strictly mathematical sense, like a pound of fat burns in a laboratory, but cut 500 calories a day for a week will not cause a pound of fat loss. We covered this here before: trying to balance calorie intake and burn never works.

Now there is a new equation in the city, or more specifically a computer called bodyweight planner, based on research by the National Institutes of Health. Amby Burfoot explains corridor in the world why we should abandon the old and embrace the new rule:

“The greatest failure of the rule that 500 calories is supposed weight loss continue linearly with time,” says [mathematical Kevin] Hall. “That’s not to how the body reacts. The body is a very dynamic system, and a change in one part of the system always produces changes elsewhere. ”

What is realistic? According to Hall, the first year of a new weight loss program, overweight people to lose more than half of the weight rule predicts 3,500 calories. In other words, more than 12 months, the new rule is 7000 calories = one pound. (The calculation changes a little shorter periods of time and longer with little management to lose weight after 12 months).
The new issue may seem intimidating at first, but in the long-term dieters are likely to rejoice: science has finally caught up to what his body was as saying.

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