How to meditate for beginners step by step ?

Meditation for Beginners: 11 Easy Tips

Are you asking yourself about meditation for beginners? Meditation offers immense benefits to physical and mental health. It makes you more productive and safe, relieves stress, and empty your mind of mess. You will be more focused and accomplish more, without trying. In essence, meditation helps you get to know you.

See eleven tips for meditation for beginners.

1. You are doing “good”. You can not do meditation “wrong”.

However, as the revered monk and master Zen points of Suzuki Shunryu in Zen spirit, the beginner’s mind, when you take your posture (sitting down to meditate), are to meditate:

Do not be disappointed if not instantly feel a deep sense of peace and well-being whenever you sit down for meditation. Over time, you will realize that sitting is all there is to meditate. No need to force you to change; Meditation is done automatically.

2. Choose a meditation that works for you.

There are many different types of meditation practices. Meditation counting breath is the simplest for beginners, because you can do it everywhere.

Here’s how. Once you are seated or lying with a right spine, focus on your breathing but do not try to change your breathing. As you inhale, say silently to yourself: “… and”. Then, as you exhale, he says: “… one.”

Continue breathing and counting, as you inhale and exhale. “And one and two, and … three, and … four.

When you reach “four”, starting with “one” again with the next exhalation.

They are arbitrary numbers. You can count up to ten if you want. However, you will be amazed at just how much your mind is going to wander. You will wander when you have one to four as well, but they are less likely to suffer frustration.

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Let your mind wander. That is what he is doing. When you realize that you have lost the account, just restart your account.

3. Set the time for meditation every day.

As a new meditator, you will feel the health benefits immediately. When I meditate, I find that I am more relaxed and more productive. I sleep better and brighter awake and alert, ready to face the new day. 10 to 20 minutes each day meditating stage are largely paid with the increase my productivity, and my overall well-being and happiness.

You will find that your relationships benefit from meditation too: you will be much happier, stress and irritability will be in the past.

However, to get these benefits, you need to meditate every day. It’s not easy, so set your meditation schedule, while everything else. I meditate in the morning, in my office, before starting work for the day. Choose a time when you will be alone, without distractions. Listen to music the way you want.
4. No time to meditate? Meditate for five minutes.

Some meditators meditated for an hour, twice a day. Others meditated for 20 minutes, twice a day. Meditate for 10 to 20 minutes, once a day.

The time you spend in meditation is beneficial, no matter how long. So if you only have five minutes, okay.

5. Keep your spine straight and meditate.

Posture is important in meditation. If you choose to sit or lie down for meditation, straightening your spine is good for your health. The article Yoga Research Society “Physiology of Meditation” deserves to be read; Discuss the three main benefits of keeping your spine right. And as Shunryu Suzuki said, when you take your position with a right spine, you meditate.

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Over time, your mind and body relax in a meditative state, as soon as you take your position. It becomes a habit.
6. Meditation can make you more aware of your challenges.

One of my friends told me that “feels so angry” when he meditates. Indeed, he is now aware of their underlying feelings that were still there.

Susan Piver’s best-selling author recommends that if you feel overwhelming emotions, you:

If you do a breath counting meditation, and you are overwhelmed by emotions, it begins to focus on feeling emotion in your body without being trapped in emotion-related stories. Accept what you feel, and become curious to know the feeling of emotion in your body.

7. You will get quick results and meditate every day, do not respect self-improvement.

Meditators are excited when they realize that meditation “works” for them. They want to meditate better, faster results.

You get faster results when your only purpose in meditation is to meditate every day. Meditation is a process. In the Zen spirit, the spirit of the beginner, Shunryu Suzuki said:

8. Getting Physical: Yoga is meditative, too.

As your meditation becomes a daily practice, you will find that automatically eating more healthy. Even if you have never done much exercise, you will find yourself looking for ways to move and stretch your body.

Consider yoga: it is a form of meditation too. Yoga teaches you to stay in the moment.

9. Choose music for meditation.
Some mediators enjoy music while meditating; Others prefer silence. If you’ve had a frustrating busy day and meditate with music can help calm you down.

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You can also treat your music as a meditation. You will find many links to music for meditation online. I like to listen to Gregorian chants like meditation. Many people like to play Bach or the sounds of nature: rain or waves on the beach.

10. Bored? Try a different meditation.

Bored with your practice of meditation? Try a different style of meditation.


– An image of meditation. Choose a peaceful image of a natural place like a beach or a mountain meadow. Imagine that.

– A song of meditation. The formal meditation song is called kirtan. However, you can choose to sing (strong) to any kind of music you like, whether opera or pop. Just be in the moment, and focus on her singing.

– A walking meditation. In this meditation style, you walk very slowly, and are aware of every step you take.

11. Meditate where you are.

You can meditate everywhere. You do not have to be sitting.

Try to scan your body. In this meditation, be aware of your feet, and how they feel in their shoes, as well as the weight of his body resting on the floor. Then become aware of each leg in turn. Put your attention on every part of your body, working your way up your head.

A scanning body is ideal if you are waiting in a queue, or even at a red light. Of course, if you are waiting for the light to change from red to green, you can not help but become aware of your feet, but even a few moments of attention relax.