Microwaving Potato at Home

Here I will present you the best way (s) to cook a potato in the microwave.

In order to get a good baked potato, start with the right potatoes,

Nuke for the right length of time,

And then, a little patience, it will pay off very well.
Step 1: Identify the appropriate counter ”

box identification “appropriate counter
The best potato in my humble opinion, is the classic Russet baking potatoes or Idaho; as they heard of the potato called potato head or a baked potato.
It is a potato starch-rich, which will remain firm but not hard after cooking. .


Step 2: Prepare to “Tator

To prepare against box ‘
006.jpg Photo
007.jpg Photo
Once you have the right pope, it is necessary to do some things before jumping into the microwave.

Wash / Scrub thoroughly with water (no soap or detergent of any kind). But you can use a clean brush (a toothbrush works well if you have not bought a special brush).

Drill holes. This is so that the steam trapped in potato does not cause skin bubble and burst in places and, therefore, even if not, you can also cook in these areas breaks.

Rise above the microwave background. Place on a plate (microwave) and a role as well. This allows microwaves to get below the potato.

Personally, I like messing a little olive oil over the potatoes (some prefer bacon fat, but it is high in cholesterol). But even if you do not put oil on the potato, there is no need to dry. In fact, many recommend keeping a little wet to keep the skin from dryness or wrinkles.
Step 3: nuking Bicarbonate or often called

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nuking image or batch processing, as it is often referred to
009.jpg Photo
008.jpg Photo
If available, namely the power of your microwave.
Otherwise, you need to close the first time out to perfection.

Size account in this case, both the furnace and potatoes.

Assuming a normal 1200 watt microwave, it could put the potato on the plate in the oven (after labeling with a fork or knife) and microwave for about 8 minutes when placed on a rotating carousel . If you do not, you must do it manually.
Set the timer for about 4-5 minutes, then when finished, return the pawn again and nuke for a further 3-4 minutes.
Step 4: Do not jump the gun!

Image Do not jump the gun!
010.jpg Photo
012.jpg Photo
Now, once the microwave stops, tested with a thin knife or fork to see if it is tender enough inside ….. should be firm but not hard. If enough people nearby, go out and leave the set “without cutting it open for now. It might even be hot, then let it finish cooking outside the oven for a few minutes. Five should be enough .

If the potato is soft when the microwave is off, you cooked a little too long, and spit immediately opened.

If your counter began to shrivel, as shown in the last photo below, it is exaggerated. Reduce the time and soon you cook the potatoes as a professional.
Step 5: Now it’s time to decorate, but not ruin the Tator

Image Now it’s time to decorate, but not ruin the Tator
014.jpg Photo
Now you can cut open length and place what you like, things like butter (high cholesterol), sour cream (high fat), margarine (rich in trans fat), vegetables and little olive oil (ideal for heart), etc. may be used.
Be creative.
Once I’m in a restaurant somewhere south (southern United States), which only served potatoes baked and subsequent coverage. They had almost everything except ice cream or peanut butter 🙂

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