Opening a Can Yourself without an Opener

If you find yourself without opener and desperately need to open a box, it’s all you need is a little concrete.

Two stars of YouTube went viral after sharing a video entitled “Opening a box without opening. – Zombie Survival Tips # 20” It shows two men three cans of tuna using nothing but your hands and a piece of open concrete.

The method requires no tools and minimal force, that patience can rub vigorously against a concrete slab.

The video was posted on YouTube two years ago, but has recently resurfaced after being shared on social networks.

It is not the only way to change opening a box without opener. YouTuber Alvin Lau also shows that you can open with a kitchen knife.

Not even need a cutting board, YouTuber Abe Allen has shown that it is possible to open a box with only a spoon.

So, fear not, if he is in the desert with nothing but a can of tuna, what to do.

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