How to Open a Locked Door without a Key or Card

Opening Locked Door without Key

If you ever accidentally locked in a room in his house, and one of the buttons or turn the bolts of the privacy most room doors, bedroom and bathroom have you know can be a pain to open new. If you have a paper clip, however, resume is not a problem.

These tips are obtained Instructables user DIYHacksAndHowTos almost all common cover closed doors open again in an instant, and all it takes is a paper clip. Walk through the most common simple locks, such as blocking feared intimacy, and shows you how to open each. Most of them are not designed for safety, only a little privacy or discouragement, so they are easy to open. Privacy locks, just need to get the trombone in deep enough to hit the pressure plate inside, and the door can be opened by turning the knob.

Most homes privacy locks have tiny keys that come with them, but if you do not know where the keys are, or your child have pressed the lock button, then close the door of his room to the output (I have seen it happen), this method will be very helpful. For an added bonus, it even shows you how to open handcuffs toys, so keep that thing in the back of his mind for a rainy day.

Click the link below to see step by step photos for each lock, and seriously: It should be obvious, but not do anything stupid or illegal with knowledge. I came out of the rooms in my house before, so it’s really useful, but I will not enter the room of his roommate or trying to enter the home of someone else that way.

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